LET’S SCARE JULIE (2020) Reviews of teen prank horror, with new clip

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‘Sometimes a prank comes back to kill you.’

Let’s Scare Julie is a 2020 American horror feature film about a group of teen girls who set out to scare their reclusive new neighbour. However, the prank turns to terror when some of them don’t return.

Filmed in real-time on a single camera in one uninterrupted, continuous take, the tension in the film rapidly escalates as the girls’ seemingly harmless pranks start to have life-altering consequences.

Written and directed by Jud Cremata, the Blitz Films production stars Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, Isabel May, Odessa A’zion, Brooke Sorenson, Jessica Sarah Flaum and Dakota Baccelli. The movie was produced by Cremata alongside Marc Wolloff, Eryl Cochran and Nick Sarkisov.


Emma, (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson), who recently moved in with her cousin Taylor (Isabel May) after her father’s untimely death, becomes the victim of a prank perpetrated by Taylor’s group of friends: Madison (Odessa A’zion), Jess (Brooke Sorenson) and Paige (Jessica Sarah Flaum).

Wanting to up the ante, the girls hatch a plan to scare Julie, the reclusive girl across the street, who they have never seen and know nothing about. All they know is Julie is alone at her house tonight – a house rumoured to be haunted after a little boy vanished many years ago.

What starts off as a simple plan to have a good laugh quickly escalates as some of the girls don’t come back from Julie’s house. Is it all just a set up for the girls to play an elaborate prank on Emma or are the dark rumours about the house across the street actually true? As more people start to disappear, including Emma’s younger sister Lilly (Dakota Baccelli), the clock is ticking for Emma to figure it out…


“There’s a lot of hearing about scary things without actually being shown these things, because what we don’t see is supposed to be more unnerving than if we did see it […] Viewers likely to get the most out of sitting through it would be those who are interested in seeing how the one-take approach worked and young adults in the same age range as the characters.” Arrow in the Head

” …the rushed plot makes the last half of Let’s Scare Julie feel somewhat unfinished. As the end of the film commences and the credits start rolling, you are left with the feeling of, “that’s it?” With all of that build-up of tension, there is not much pay off […] Still, Let’s Scare Julie has its shining moments…” Cryptic Rock

“…Let’s Scare Julie is all about the story and less about the effects hoopla usually associated with vindictive phantasma creepers, especially ones like Ms Durer who like to seep into her victim’s personal bubble using voodoo black magic dolls while wearing nothing more than her dirty nightgown and scathing glare on her face. The simplicity of the movie is almost refreshing…” It’s Bloggin’ Evil!

“It’s a fun, effective, and not-so-farfetched tale that may make you sweat, but it never breaks free from rigid thriller territory. Cremata’s direction is a superb risk that makes for a uniquely ill at ease watch. The performances are brilliant and real.” Movieweb

” …it’s not flawlessly done though and there are some off-kilter plot beats which I feel are side effects of the execution. I think if Cremata had gone for a simpler style and focused more on the supernatural side (which barely exists) then there may have been a chance this would of been a more positive review. You don’t have to throw everything including the kitchen sink at a little ghost story…” Nerdly

” …a tense and eerie film that explores guilt and accountability through a devastating ghost story about the dangers of bullying and gun violence. The tight camerawork and lean runtime make the scares especially effective, with the continuous take lending the story a visceral intimacy. The strong performances give the characters depth and memorable personalities…” Nightmarish Conjurings

” …Let’s Scare Julie is a little busy and confusing at points. Sometimes that serves the story, at others…not so much. It probably could have used one or two fewer red herrings. These, however, are minor quibbles considering how charismatic and unsettling the film is at its best, as well as how fully you’ll likely find yourself investing in the characters.” Rue Morgue


Let’s Scare Julie premieres on Digital and On Demand everywhere on October 2, 2020, from Shout! Studios.

Filming locations:

Santa Clarita, California

Technical details:

83 minutes

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