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‘Bury the past and find the cash’

Paydirt is a 2020 American crime-thriller film about a group of criminals seeking a stash of cash buried in the desert.

Written and directed by Christian Sesma (Every Last One of Them; Take Back; Lost Time; The Vigilante Diaries),

The movie stars Luke Goss (ExtracurricularUnearthed; Frankenstein 2004), Val Kilmer (The Super; The Traveler; Twixt; The Thaw), Mike Hatton and Paul Sloan (Every Last One of Them).


Career criminal Damien Brooks aka The Brit (Luke Goss), fresh from prison after a five-year stretch, is determined to find the buried stash of cash that landed him in a cell after a DEA bust gone wrong. He’s served his time and now he wants his pay.As he rounds up his old crew of mismatched badasses, all with their own problems, a plan starts to form. However, the word is out that a real-life treasure hunt is going down and other criminal firms want in on the act. Then there’s retired Sheriff William Tucker (Val Kilmer) who is on the warpath, obsessed with righting past wrongs and he’ll stop at nothing to find the perpetrators, whatever the cost…


“As an actioner, it comes across as a backyard production, missing crazy stunts and clear staging to come alive. As a crime saga, the central goal is too vague to pay attention to, and duplicitous characters are visible from space, ruining potential surprises […] Paydirt is largely comatose, unwilling or unable to deliver a lively overview of illegal happenings and the eccentrics who make a mess of everything.”

Paydirt yearns to be a hip heist caper, yet with most of said heist happening either off-camera or in flashback, the film fails in its most basic regard. Sesma gets too complex with the backstory, wanting deep plays like in a Chandler novel. Instead, a tighter story bouncing within the confines of a low-budget indie film would have unleashed more of that desired, natural energy.” CRP Writes

“Not an extraordinary one, it’s just below average crime thriller, watch this only if you have time to spare.” Movie Laundry

” …Paydirt is an entertaining diversion with a game cast. Christian Sesma’s movie features solid acting, a sparkling script alongside snappy score and visuals.” Movies in Focus

” …apart from some brief but colorful elements of Mexican American culture, such as a Dia De Los Muertos parade, that’s all there is to this film: glamorous people, music, sunshine, and a few palm trees. Considering it’s about criminals, there is hardly any crime, and only just enough double-crossing to fill the gaps in the film left when the music and posing stop.” Ready Steady Cut!

Paydirt is quite a wild ride with Luke Goss on the verge of retirement with Val Kilmer on the verge of redemption, no matter what it could cost both of them. If you get confused a bit with the twists and turns, wait until the last few minutes where everything is explained. Then, you’ll see why this is a fun and wild ride of a movie.” World Film Geek


In the UK, 101 Films is releasing Paydirt on DVD and Digital on 24th August 2020.

Cast and characters:

Luke Goss … Damien Brooks
Val Kilmer … Sheriff Tucker
Mike Hatton … Geoff Bentley
Paul Sloan … Tony
Nick Vallelonga … Leo Cap
Mirtha Michelle … Layla
Veronika Bozeman … Cici
Murielle Telio … Janel
Mary Christina Brown … Kioko
Mercedes Kilmer … Jamie
Lorin McCraley … Rosco
Teodora Djuric … Francesca
Vince DeCosta … Security Guard
Jack Grimmett … Parade Attendee
Russell Jones … News cameraman

Technical details:

81 minutes


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