FINAL CALLER (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Terror is on the line’

Final Caller is a 2020 American horror feature film about a DJ who receives calls from a killer who is murdering victims while on air.

Written and directed by Todd Sheets (Clownado; Bonehill Road; Dreaming Purple Neon; Goblin; et al), the  Extreme Entertainment production stars Douglas Epps, Rachel Lagen, Alex Brotherton, Jack McCord, Jane Plumberg, Antwoine Steele and Dilynn Fawn Harvey.


“Lean, mean, n’ full of screams, Final Caller is an in-your-face stalk n’ slay affair with plenty of grizzly gore and solid performances all around!” Horror Fuel

“The budget of the film was reportedly one of his lowest yet, but naturally Todd has spared no expense in the gross-out department […] so if you’re in the mood for yuck, you’ll find it here. The acting is very much in line with what we’ve come to expect from a Sheets films, wildly over-the-top […] a nicely crafted thriller.” Horror Geek Life

Final Caller delivers on what fans would expect from a Todd Sheets film […] What is different from other recent films from the filmmaker is that the focus is on a tightly woven story.” Pop Horror

“For what was such a low budget shoot, Final Caller looks great and gets a lot of production value on the screen. I expected plenty of effects, but I certainly wasn’t expecting Sheets to deliver a visit from the SWAT team. It also benefits from Douglas Epps and Jack McCord as adversaries who are more alike than different. Both give performances that match the material.” Voices from the Balcony


Final Caller is expected to be released this fall by Extreme Entertainment.