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‘Think you’ve seen it all? Think again!’

Dreaming Purple Neon is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by Todd Sheets (Bonehill Road; House of Forbidden Secrets; Zombie Bloodbath and sequels). It stars Jeremy Edwards, Eli DeGeer and Millie Milan.

After years away, Dallas (Jeremy Edwards) returns home to reconnect with his ex, Denise (Eli DeGeer). At the same time, Cat (Millie Milan) steals her boss Ray Ray’s (Antwoine Steele) stash of the drug Neon Purple and goes to meet Denise at her boss’s office. Ray Ray and Tyrone (Ricky Farr) follow her to the office, looking for his drugs.

Meanwhile, a satanic cult is operating out of the office basement trying to raise demons by using the drug to bridge the gap between the land of the living and Hell…

Dreaming Purple Neon was released on DVD in North America on October 17, 2017, by Unearthed Films.

Main cast:

  • Jeremy Edwards
  • Eli DeGeer – Empire State of the Dead; Sound of Nothing
  • Millie Milan – House of Forbidden SecretsKiki Meets the Vampires
  • Grant Conrad
  • Jack McCord
  • Nick Randol
  • Antwoine Steele
  • Ricky Farr
  • Jolene Loftin
  • Ana Plumberg
  • Daniel Bell
  • Glen Moore
  • Stacy Weible
  • Jodie Nelles Smith
  • Dilynn Fawn Harvey – Hi-Death; Kiki Meets the Vampires; The Crawler