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Bleed with Me is a 2020 Canadian horror film about a young woman who becomes convinced that her best friend is stealing her blood. Written and directed by Amelia Moses (Bloodthirsty), the movie stars Lee Marshall, Lauren Beatty and Aris Tyros.


“Moses keeps the narrative lean and ambiguous, never overstaying the welcome of a loaded conversation or one of the nightmares in which Rowan finds herself. Instead, she keeps a deft grasp on her symbolism and imagery, as sharp as the blade that Rowan sees cutting her at night, and as captivating as the blood that she sees binding her to Emily.” The Austin Chronicle

“Moses does an admirable job of letting the tension in the situation ratchet up slowly, and the location lends a lot to the character’s inner stories. As the story progresses and the lines between reality and Rowan’s paranoia begin to blur, you’ll be left squirming in your seat as you try to anticipate the twists and turns the story is about to make.” Awesome Friday

Bleed with Me is a fresh and vibrant psychological horror which explores the dangers of obsession, intimacy and co-dependency. Moses drenches her characters in a hallucinatory miasma, vague and yet intensely focused. Indeed, visually it’s hauntingly stark. Toying with its audience. Daring our imaginations to run wild, whilst sating us with little clues along the way.” Backseat Mafia

“I’m too distanced from suicidal tendencies, superficial relationships, and feelings of inadequacy for Bleed with Me to register as anything other than a common chamber play. Three people plus one location equals a typical template for a scrabbling indie production. In this instance, that recipe doesn’t bake an appetizing meal of energy, excitement, or resonant entertainment.” Culture Crypt

“There’s something to enjoy in films that make a point of being ambiguous, but when small-budget films like this heavily ride on the characters, it’s unfortunate we don’t get to know them well, especially Emily and Rowan, because they seem to lie or avoid conversations about aspects of their past or present situation. But the performances here, along with the direction, manage to keep us engaged…” Daily Dead

“Rather than fill in the blanks for the viewer, Moses instead asks the audience to interpret the film for themselves. This will lead to differing views and opinions from person to person, which will encourage discussion. With no clear ending or direction to the ‘truth’, some viewers will inevitably struggle and will simply dismiss the film as a slow muddled mess, but those that like a challenge and a brain workout, will find plenty to compel them.” The Hollywood News

“Like its protagonists, Moses’ film is stiflingly obtuse in its true intentions, to a degree that ultimately becomes frustrating. Even as a self-confessed fan of ambiguity, I felt a little cheated by the climax, which leaves us scratching our heads as to just what sort of story we’ve been spun.” The Movie Waffler

“Slow-motion sequences and some unsettling scenes where blurred imagery is used to reflect both Rowan’s mental state and to obscure more information. The building of atmosphere is almost unbearable at times but this is a film more than content to take its time. This is assisted by the three central performances being incredible…” Scared Sheepless

“The film is a character study and the two primary leads are both excellent (not ignoring Aris Tyros but the film is about the two women and his role is more a foil). The pace is, however, fairly languid […] What is missing is perhaps some stronger atmosphere of suspense, but sometimes Rowan breaks that in seemingly letting her paranoia go for a moment and we wonder why – but then the inconsistency is another reason for her lack of credibility.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Bleed with Me will make you uncomfortable more than it will scare you. You won’t jump, but you will squirm. Especially during the final act. It’s the kind of film that gets under your skin quietly. There are some moments of shock, and a couple of fairly bloody moments, but this is much more about psychological than physical horror.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

In Canada, Raven Banner is releasing Bleed with Me on digital platforms on August 1, 2021.
In the US, will be available on Amazon Prime and DVD on April 19. 2022.


Cast and characters:

Lee Marshall … Rowan
Lauren Beatty … Emily
Aris Tyros … Brendan


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