SOUVENIRS (2020) Preview of serial killer thriller


‘Their dark past… can not be buried

Souvenirs is a 2020 American thriller feature film about a young woman, running a “murderabilia” shop, who is taunted by an anonymous killer. The latter leaves trophies from unsolved murders at her doorstep. As her investigation gets closer to the truth, the personal stakes become much higher…

Directed by Anna Mikami from a screenplay written by Matthew Sorvillo, the StudioFest production stars Jamie Donnelly, Isabella Pisacane, Abby Awe and Rosa Gilmore. Produced by Jake Owen, Anna Mikami, Amuel Puric and Hannah Thielmann.


Souvenirs will be released in the USA on Digital and VOD by Trinity Creative Partnership on October 6th 2020


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Cast and characters:

Isabella Pisacane … Gail
Jamie Donnelly … Margot
Abby Awe … Alexa
Rosa Gilmore … Janice
Craig Walker … G.W. Stubbs
John V. Barbieri … News Anchor
Sophie Bolen … Tori’s Friend
Lisa Chamberlain … Lolo
Joe Coleman … Joe Coleman
Sarah-Grace Donnelly … Tori
Skyler Gallun … Royce
Wulf Hogan … Guard
Jack Layer … Johnny
Peter Morgan … Glen

Technical details:

84 minutes