Archons (2018) reviews of rock band menaced in the wilderness movie

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‘Do you see them?’

Archons is a 2018 Canadian science-fiction horror feature film about a failing rock group that travels into the wilderness to reconnect. It was formerly known as Hammer of the Gods.

Directed by Nick Szostakiwskyj (Black Mountain Side) the A Farewell To Kings Entertainment Company production stars Josh Collins, Rob Raco, Samantha Carly and Parmiss Sehat.

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“Short of the technical limitations and complications imposed by the location, and a stylistic decision that I’ll avoid naming for the sake of spoilers, Archons has a lot to offer. It’s the kind of film that rewards repeat viewings and tickles the curiosity of those that enjoy decoding the more nuanced aspects of film.” Modern Horrors

“While some of the movie’s finer points could use a little polishing, what does transmit out to the audience is a feeling of despondency in each of the band members […] Hammer of the Gods is a super clever story that deserves to be seen firsthand. It’s a unique twist on a conventional story, as dark and surprising as the unknown road ahead.” Nightmare on Film Street

” …straightforward and entertaining […] The pace of the story was brisk, and the situation immediately identifiable. There’s a little bit of This is Spinal Tap (1984) here, a little Cabin Fever (2002), a touch of Amost Famous (2000) and a handful of Shrooms (2007) […]  it is definitely worth checking out.” The Scariest Things

“There are some well done moments, like the first time the creatures show up. They’re certainly unique looking, though not exactly intimidating when we finally see them up close. The cinematography is excellent as well. Whether daytime shots of the British Columbia wilderness or atmospheric night shots, the Archons always looks good […] Unfortunately, the incredibly slow beginning and confused plot ruin much of the effect.” Voices from the Balcony


Archons was released to rent or buy on streaming platforms by Portfolio Entertainment on October 6th, 2020.

Cast and characters:

Josh Collins … Mitchell Ashley-Hoffman
Rob Raco … Eric Patrick
Samantha Carly … Olivia Greene-Wood
Parmiss Sehat … April ‘May’ Maislowski
Billie-Rae Grant … Nikki
Marc Anthony Williams … Carl
Lauren Donnelly … Ashley
Michael Dickson … Swearin’ Mike
Timothy Lyle … Jeremy Trout
Nathaniel Gordon
Quinton Boisclair
Cameron Tremblay … Lee
Nick Szostakiwskyj … Andrew

Filming locations:

Coquitlam, Mission, Squamish and Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

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