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‘Fly or die’

Horizon Line is a 2020 American survival thriller about a couple flying on a small plane to attend a tropical island wedding. Unfortunately, they must fight for their lives after their pilot suffers a heart attack.

Directed by Swedish filmmaker Mikael Marcimain (Gentlemen; Call Girl) from a screenplay co-written by Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken, the movie stars Allison Williams, Alexander Dreymon and Keith David. Produced by Fredrik Wikström Nicastro.


Two former lovers, Sara (Allison Williams) and Jackson (Alexander Dreymon) discover new altitudes of fear aboard a single-engine Cessna plane. It was supposed to be a routine and casual 99-minute flight to their friend’s tropical island wedding.

However, within minutes after takeoff, their pilot suffers a fatal heart attack, leaving Sara and Jackson with no idea where they are, no comms, and no clue how to land the plane.

With nothing but miles of ocean and sky in every direction, and a terrifying storm that’s about to envelop them, Sara and Jackson have only one shot – and there’s no going back…


Horizon Line is ridiculous, but not in a thrilling way […] The writing hopes to conjure warmth with the coupling, and the director aims to generate a roller coaster ride, but Horizon Line is routine and, with the exception of a few brief moments, uneventful, delivering small-scale distress in the pursuit of basic thrills.” Blu-ray.com

“Mildly entertaining but some appalling visual effects and horrible character decisions. I feel the film got gradually worse and more unrealistic until I was baffled by what I was witnessing on screen! Really disappointed sadly.” Charlie McGivern

“Naturally, there are only so many ways a small plane can encounter catastrophic trouble in an hour. More than likely, you can think of all of those ways simply from having seen so many copycat movies. Horizon Line thinks of all of them too and still comes up short on nailbiting scenarios. The solution is to do everything twice.” Culture Crypt

Horizon Line is a dull, preposterous and even lazy survival movie that gives you very little reason to care about the scenario or the characters directly involved in it, with not even the filmmaking being strong enough to leave you excited despite the high concept, resulting in a lame B-movie that never really takes flight.” Film Feeder

“With preposterous scenarios, it’s both suspenseful and laughable at the same time.  It falls into the traditional category that January movies are often the year’s worst.  Fly or die.” Movie Review Mom

“The film does get so ludicrous that it was unintentionally funny. Some actions could be argued were done because the characters were desperate, but other decisions you end up questioning their train of thought.  As someone who has a fear of heights and dislikes flying, some of the scenarios in the film were utterly terrifying to me.” Pop Culture Maniacs


Horizon Line is now available On-Demand everywhere.


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