BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL (2020) Reviews and overview


‘Hard work never killed anyone. Until now.’

Boys from County Hell is a 2020 comedy horror feature film about a crew of road workers who accidentally awaken an ancient Irish vampire.

Written and directed by Chris Baugh from a story co-written with Brendan Mullin based on his 2012 short of the same name, the British-Irish movie stars Jack Rowan, Nigel O’Neill, Louisa Harland and Michael Hough.


Boys from County Hell movie film comedy horror 2020 reviews

Eugene Moffat (Jack Rowan) spends his days drinking pints with his friends and pranking tourists at the gravesite of Abhartach, the legendary Irish vampire who may have inspired Stoker’s infamous character, Count Dracula. Sinister events unfold when Eugene and his father’s construction crew knock over Abhartach’s supposed resting place and they are attacked by an infected workmate…

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Boys from County Hell is more successful as a portrait of small-town life than a raucous horror-comedy, but the film springs to life when Baugh goes all-in on the horror elements. It may not hit all the notes intended, but the film does leave you thirsting for more vampiric slaughter.” Bloody Disgusting

” …a hilarious reinvention of the vampire legend. It’s well balanced in its comedy and frights, starting off with a bloody bang, while then taking us on a nicely paced journey through some solid character development. When things begin to pick up, in the more supernatural realm, it continues to keep that lighthearted fun, without things feeling overdone.” Jordy Reviews It

Boys from County Hell movie film comedy horror 2020 reviews

“The characters are quite funny, even if not always believable. Complete with carnage and heart-stopping moments, this film will probably start you out asking, “what on earth did we pay for” but leave you grinning and refreshed. Even in the worst of cases, you’re treated to high-quality scenery shots of lovely-carved coastal mountain ranges and lush green rolling plains.” Living Snoqualmie

“With a cast that’s down for cracking good fun and a bloody wild ride, this vampire tale is alive with surprises, silly and scary.” Pajaba

“Wickedly fun Irish horror movie that brings a unique perspective to the vampire mythos, both as a creature feature and a metaphor for how economic development tramples over local history. It doesn’t reach the heights of say Attack the Block, but who can? The climactic gag is worth the price of admission alone.” Rusteenh

” …Boys From County Hell succeeds with a brilliant tone, a different spin on vampires and successful comedy throughout. So get ready to throw away all the vampire lore you know and strap in for this hilarious and blood-soaked coming of age tale.” Scary Nerd


Shudder will premiere Boys from County Hell in the USA and Canada in 2021.

Cast and characters:

Jack Rowan … Eugene Moffat
Nigel O’Neill … Francie Moffat
Louisa Harland … Claire McCann
Michael Hough … SP McCauley
John Lynch … George Bogue
Fra Fee … William Bogue
Morgan C. Jones … Charlie Harte
Andrea Irvine … Pauline Bogue
Robert Nairne … Abhartach
Marty Maguire … Big Gabriel
Kathy Monahan … Marie
Emma Paetz … Michelle
Jordan Renzo … Christian
David Pearse … Cathal
Stella McCusker … Pearl
Lalor Roddy … Elliott
Conor Grimes … Thomas
Ellie McKay … Teenage Girl
Parnell Scott … Teenage Boy
Liam Miley … Self

Fun Facts:

The soundtrack includes tracks by Eddie Cochran, Dokken, Rory Gallagher and The Saw Doctors but curiously not the song ‘Boys from the County Hell’ by The Pogues.