HABITUAL (2020) preview of rave in an old asylum horror pic

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Habitual is a 2020 American horror feature film about a bunch of ravers being stalked in a disused insane asylum.

Written, directed by and starring Johnny Hickey (Oxy-Morons), the movie also stars Chris ‘C.T.’ Tamburello, Emilee Fitzpatrick, Jaylee Hickey, Anthony Hoang and Sabrina Kennedy.


A fistful of drug popping ravers and an insane mental patient take a hell-bent trip to an underground rave party “The Habit”, being held at an abandon lunatic asylum in Salem Massachusetts.

The groups plan to party all night drastically morph into chaotic hallucinations of the rave being buried deeper and deeper within a mind-bending structure of massive abandonment. Decrepit walls and stairwells built to keep insanity captive, separate the group into a spiral of horrifying paradoxes, splicing nightmares into reality. In the end, one person’s insanity is the other’s reality.


Sugar Studios L.A. and Dark Mode Films will release Habitual theatrically and VOD on November 13th 2020.

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Cast and characters:

Chris ‘C.T.’ Tamburello … Brett Mitchell
Johnny Hickey … Simon
Anthony Hoang … Rob
Emilee Fitzpatrick … Brittany
Sabrina Kennedy … Naomi
Jaylee Hickey … Riley

Filming locations:

Tewksbury and Westborough, Massachusetts

Technical details:

95 minutes


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