WHEN THE FEVER BREAKS (2019) preview of zombie infection horror

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‘Bitten, not dead’

When the Fever Breaks is a 2019 American horror feature film about a desperate young woman plight after she is infected by a zombie.

Directed by Tymaine Clay from a screenplay co-written with Lucy Clay, the Break-A-Light Entertainment production stars Chadwick Armstrong (The Dead Diaries TV series), Genevieve Gearhart, Ryan T. Husk (Bloody Snow), Dylan Wayne Lawrence (Grimm TV series) and Kruiz Mauga (The Evil Gene).


Faced with the zombie apocalypse overrunning her town, Skye and her few remaining friends seek refuge in the only remaining house not swarming with zombies.

However, when a zombie slips past and infects Skye, she must now fear her friends who see her as a threat along with the zombies fighting their way in.

With only two hours before she turns, can Skye find a way to survive for her daughter’s sake or must she accept her fate?

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Cast and characters:

Chadwick Armstrong … Neil
Genevieve Gearhart … Skye
Ryan T. Husk … Dean
Dylan Wayne Lawrence … Aaron
Kruiz Mauga … Haley
Shaun Paul Piccinino … George
Violet Smith … Claire
Tash Ann … Zombie
Liam Barrett … Zombie
Megan Mccarthy Barrett … Zombie
Ryan Bartley … Zombie
Mario Foxbaker … Zombie
Lorenzo Garcia … Zombie
Joe Geragi … Zombie
Christopher M. Gomez … Zombie
Josephine Hies … Zombie
Stefan Ion … Zombie
Trenton D. Jones … Zombie
Shawna Kelley … Zombie
Larry Layfield … Zombie
Melissa Le May … Zombie
Chelsea Taylor Leech … Zombie
Michael Lehr … Zombie
Madison Liston … Zombie
Richard J. Lopez … Zombie
Lionel Medina Jr. … Zombie
Vasilios Pappas … Zombie
Jade Perez … Zombie
Devin Reeve … Zombie
Letty Rios … Zombie
Darth Schuhe … Zombie
Sarah Solano … Zombie
Neil Stevens … Zombie
Brenna Tucker … Zombie
Joel Valdez … Zombie
Milinda Valverde … Zombie
Iridiana Ybarguen … Zombie
Venezia Zavala … Zombie
Kaight Zoia … Zombie


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