INCISION (2020) Mad doctor plastic surgery horror

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‘Some obsessions are painful’

Incision is a 2020 American horror feature film about a deranged plastic surgeon who kidnaps his victims to try bizarre new techniques.

Directed by Ali Zamani from a screenplay written by Chris Kato, the AZ Productions movie stars Korrina Rico (L.A. Slasher; Glass Jaw; After Dark), Lee Kholafai (Angels Fallen; Glass Jaw; Waiting for Dracula), Costas Mandylor (Bloodthirst; Death Count; Daddy’s Girl; Saw franchise) and Caylee Cowan (Easter Egg; Wally’s Wonderland). Produced by Zeus Zamani, co-star Korrina Rico and Lee Kholafai.


Beauty blogger Alexa Landry (Korrina Rico) only had one strong fear, plastic surgery. She ultimately had to face this fear when she was kidnapped with her friends by Doctor Cunningham (James Allen Brewer), a deranged plastic surgeon who is obsessed with beautifying his victims in his own bizarre ways…


“The story is a bit slow to start, but that is like any other good movie just so we can get to know the characters and each of their own story. This really isn’t for the lighthearted. If you have a fear of operations or surgeons then I would avoid this one. If however, you like theatre programmes or movies that have a lot of blood and gore then this is definitely the one for you.” Blazing Minds

Incision is the latest in body horror films with some great natural performances by its cast, notably Korrina Rico’s complicated protagonist and James Allen Brewer’s sadistic psycho surgeon. Definitely worth checking out, especially gorehounds who thrive on this sort of thing.” World Film Geek


Incision was released exclusively to Amazon on October 27th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Korrina Rico … Alexa Landry
Lee Kholafai … Matt Casey
Costas Mandylor … Doctor Bennett
Caylee Cowan … Becca Landry
Kev Adams … Chase
Jonathan ‘Lil J’ McDaniel … Calvin $oundz
Olga Safari … Trinity Lee
Tristan Tales … Kenny Newman
James Allen Brewer … Doctor Gene Cunningham
Marik Knight … Timothy Cunningham
Olivia Day … Marcia Cunningham
Elaine Partnow … Grammy Cunningham
John Wallbank … Phillip Cunningham
Madison Bontempo … Angelica
Kyler Steven Fisher … Tyler
Kristen Solis … Jackie
Josefin Nilsson … Jasmine
Hailee Keanna Lautenbach … Keanna
Courtney Paige … Nancy
Amanda Paris … Jessica
Victoria Sophia … Nurse Liz
Malia Maquera … Nurse
Gary Daniel Mosher … Doctor Bradford

Technical details:

80 minutes


Our rating:

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