LINGERING aka HOTEL LAKE (2020) Reviews of South Korean horror


Lingering aka Hotel Lake is a 2020 South Korean horror feature film about a young woman who has to confront paranormal manifestations.

Directed by Yoon Eun-kyoung, the movie stars Lee Se-young (Memorist), Park ji-young (The Concubine) and So-yi Park. Original title: Hotel Leikeu


Seeking support as the guardian of her younger brother, Yoo-mi returns to a small hotel run by a family friend. As bizarre incidents creep up in her mother’s old room, Yoo-mi has to unravel the supernatural mystery and discover the truth before it’s too late…


” …so many opportunities were missed with this movie. Some amazing portrayals by brilliant actors (especially the earlier mentioned young girl) do get somewhat lost in a story that stumbles around too much. I loved the opening jump scare and I enjoyed the ending, but so much of the middle part felt like a modern take on The Shining that didn’t really hold up – or even work.” Heaven of Horror

“As is true of local franchising, location is often a key ingredient for horror movie success. Gyeong-seon’s hotel is definitely a good one that Yoon skillfully builds on. Lingering is not a masterpiece of perfection, but it is a prime example of the merits of K-horror. Confidently recommended for genre fans…” J.B. Spins

“The director’s camerawork is occasionally fluid and effective, but most of the set pieces are more noteworthy for the atmospheric cinematography and sharp sound design that manage to punctuate the dark, empty rooms. Lingering feels like it’s doing just that, hanging around after its welcome has worn. Holding attention becomes a problem, as does the lackluster payoff waiting at mystery’s end.” MaddWolf

“It’s a shame that Eun-kyoung can’t exploit his premise as he opens his movie with a couple of effective sequences – a pre-credits set-piece in which a young girl is stalked through long grass and a cracking jump scare involving a rear view mirror – but ultimately he gets bogged down in a plot that fails to sufficiently grab our attention, and many viewers will likely check out early.” The Movie Waffler

“The key problem with Lingering is that the plot just doesn’t live up to the film’s stylish appearance. It was essentially a series of episodes of Yoo-mi either being freaked out by something or investigating what had freaked her out, on her own or with a new acquaintance; but too often, these episodes didn’t tie together, or I just couldn’t tell what the latest subject of interest had to do with her at all.” Ready Steady Cut!

” …Lingering tries to have it both ways; relying on both psychological horror and cheap jump scares, neither of which come across as remotely convincing. While occasionally causing scares with heads falling off and spinning around and ghost-like figures jumping out the darkness,  Lingering does the opposite of its title: this won’t linger much in the memory at all.” Tilt


Shudder has acquired the rights to the Lingering and will stream the movie on its platform from November 5th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Se-yeong Lee … Yoo-mi
Ji-Young Park … Gyeong-seon
So-yi Park … Yoon Ji-yoo
Yeong-ju Seo … Sang-woo
Su-ji Jeon … Choi Yoon-hee
Ju-won Lee … Park Yeong-ho

Technical details:

101 minutes


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