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‘Hell hath no fury like a teddy scorned’
Benny Loves You is a 2019 British comedy horror feature film about a young man who throws away his childhood teddy bear and soon regrets it.

Written, directed by and starring Karl Holt – making his feature debut – Darkline Entertainment production also stars Claire Cartwright (Book of the Dead: The Eschatrilogy), George Collie and James Parsons.

After the accidental death of his parents, Jack (Karl Holt) must sell his family home and start a new life. Cleaning out the house, Jack trashes his family belongings including his beloved childhood stuffed animal, Benny. It’s a move that turns deadly as Benny springs to life with one goal in mind, protect Jack at all cost!

Benny Loves You doesn’t need a level of showmanship in the effects, and it would probably even backfire because it’s just in simplicity that much of the power of his humour lies.” [translated from Spanish]

“Awash with the surreal black humour of the likes of Inside Number 9 and an irrepressible, effervescent energy which carries it over some of the more disjointed moments, Benny Loves You is a fresh, funny and frantic indie movie and no doubt destined for cult status.” The Craggus

“It may not be perfect from start to finish but there’s enough here to sink your teeth into and leave satisfied. It’s very, very funny and if you don’t crack a few laughs then there’s something wrong with your funny bone. Add to that Holt’s performance and a strong script, and seeing a loveable teddy in some epic fight scenes, and Benny Loves You is a real treat.” Entertainment Focus

Benny Loves You is an extremely creative independent film that delivers a ton of impressive visuals effects that puts filmmaker Karl Holt in the same league as Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson. It is a wickedly entertaining horror film that is painful to watch due to all the smiles and laughs it delivers.” Fears Mag

“With Benny being a cute as Gizmo but as deadly as Stripe, it definitely falls into the Gremlins comedy-horror sub-genre […]  Yet the film it most resembles in terms of tone is Shaun of the Dead. It also successfully walks the tightrope of comedy and horror whilst also providing an emotional core at its heart.” Flickfeast

“Although the flaws hold it back from being truly great, they also add to the charm of the thing. This wouldn’t work if it was all too polished. It’s just a shame that it wasn’t a little bit better in a number of small ways, enough to take it from being watchable and gently amusing to being something I’d highly recommend to all.” For It Is Man’s Number

“Some of the acting is a little too over-the-top; every character being a classic stereotype means that the cast can’t really do much more than regurgitate the lines they’ve been given. A commendable first feature effort, Benny Loves You manages to be both entertaining and memorable, but struggles to rise above some plot development.” The Hollywood News

“Couched in a British comedy tradition of stuttering bosses and matily useless policemen, set in the sort of rambling old house familiar from any given episode of Hammer House of Horror, and with above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty special effects, this is a scrappy, likeable (if shaky) effort.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Sure, more money would have gotten it made quicker and given them less stress but the output here is nothing short of stupendous. If I was being ultra-critical I would say it may drag a little bit in the middle but take that with a pinch of salt because this is a triumph of an enjoyable flick. Seek this one out.” Mike Bradbury

“It’s like watching the absurdist humour of Monty Python transplanted in the horror genre by way of Sesame Street! But the film is also more than that. Benny Loves You has a lot to say about human behaviour. Benny is essentially Jack’s id, free from all social restraints, happy to take out Jack’s anger on those that Jack won’t confront himself…” Nerdly

“Whether it’s Benny’s knife attacks, accidental deaths, the fight between Benny and the robot or ew, that thing with the little vacuum cleaner, the entire production is pretty remarkable […] Many scenes may be familiar from films such as Child’s Play (of course) and Home Alone, but the style is unique.” Ready Steady Cut!

“Comedy horror is something that can be hard to pull off. Fortunately, Holt has created a likeable loser in Jack, both in the characterisation and performance. The story doesn’t fall into the trap of Benny’s murders making Jack’s life go the right way, quite the opposite in fact. What we do get, though, is plenty of glorious gory kills…” Starburst

“Holt’s very funny film reifies the irrational and gives stuffing and substance to the lowest, most infantile of human impulses – and appropriately, the final confrontation between Jack, his colleagues and the various killer toys plays out like just anther puerile game in Jack’s childhood home…” VODzilla

Benny Loves You is a goddamn riot and absolutely shockingly better than it has any right to be. I won’t quite put it on Shaun of the Dead levels but I may not put any other horror-comedy ever on that level. All I know is I haven’t been this flat out entertained watching a horror movie in a while.” We Watched a Movie

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Cast and characters:
Karl Holt … Jack
Claire Cartwright … Dawn
George Collie … Richard
James Parsons … Ron
Anthony Styles … Bad Cop
Darren Benedict … Good Cop
Lydia Hourihan … Tara
David Wayman … Phil
Jennifer Healy … Ashley’s Mother
Bella Munday … Ashley
Catriona McDonald … Jack’s Mum
Greg Barnett … David
Logan Murray … Young Jack
Greg Page … Jack’s Dad

Technical details:

1 hour 34 minutes

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