ORIGIN UNKNOWN (2020) reviews of Mexican crime horror mash-up

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Origin Unknown is a 2020 Mexican crime horror feature film about a former drug runner battling supernatural assassins. And a seemingly innocent ten-year-old girl. Original title: Sin Origen

Directed by Rigoberto Castañeda (KM 31 and sequel; Blackout; Necrofilia) from a screenplay written by Michael Caissie, the movie stars Daniel Martínez, Lisette Morelos, Paulina Gil and Horacio Garcia Rojas.


Pedro De Toro (Daniel Martínez) and his family are held in a house/bunker with cutting-edge technology in a secluded place. Pedro wants to leave the drug cartel he has helped with his financial knowledge, this is the night he has planned for everything to end.

Lina (Paulina Gil), a sick ten-year-old girl, arrives unexpectedly at the safe house, at the same time as a group of professional assassins who combine high technology with medieval weapons. It seems that De Toro’s family will be slaughtered by the cartel until he discovers the murderers’ objective: to kill the innocent girl – Is this girl really an innocent child?

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The fast pace, superb editing and distinctive visual style marks it out as a cut above other films of a similar ilk. The scares may be scarce but the action really ramps up quickly, and once it gets going you’ll be hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed this film!” Entertainment Focus

“Who knew that home invasion, vampire-hunters, creepy kids, martial arts, and a high amount of action was what we needed to forget all that sparkly vampire nonsense? Castañeda clearly had an inkling and his instinct has paid off. The result is one of the most intriguing and exciting vampire films in years.” The Hollywood News

“Here’s that mash-up of Let the Right One In, Narcos, Enter the Ninja and Assault on Precinct 13 you ordered … and it’s riotously entertaining. None of the elements in the mix are original, but the combination is. Extra points for working a little poignance and a drama about two embattled, unconventional, screwed-up families into a scenario that’s pretty much non-stop action.” The Kim Newman Web Site


Released in Mexico on September 25th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Daniel Martínez … Pedro de Toro
Lisette Morelos … Francis
Paulina Gil … Lina
Horacio Garcia Rojas … Alan Treviño
Arap Bethke … Velkan
Matías del Castillo … Beto
Ramón Medína … Erik Treviño
José Luis Badalt … Tristan
Carla Nieto … Tabatha
Alex Crusafon Pont … Hernan Cuervo

Technical details:

94 minutes


KM 31 – Mexico, 2006 – reviews



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