CONTRACTS (2020) First reviews of action-thriller


‘Assassinate. Eradicate. Obliterate.’

Contracts is a 2020 Canadian action-thriller film about a team of assassins led by an extremist become victims of a superior killer.

Written, produced, directed by and co-starring stuntman Alex Chung – making his feature debut – the Nameless Killer-Foolhouse Films production also stars Michael Carter, Jermaine Carty, Christena Gaunce, Dan Sanderson, Kyle Stewart, Neil Bishop and Giulio Calisse.


Jaded assassin Anthony Lo (Alex Chung) is tapped on the shoulder by fellow hitman Marc Sullivan (Jermaine Carty), who seeks Anthony’s help to find and eliminate a rogue assassin who’s picking off Sullivan’s crew one by one…


Contracts premiered at the 2019 Toronto After Dark festival. In the USA, Contracts is released on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on November 10th 2020 by IndieCan.


Contracts aims to be a more complex film than the John Wick franchise it takes some inspiration from. However, Chung never spends enough time with any characters to understand the significance of the various double-crosses at play. It often feels like important pieces of information were left on the cutting room floor…” Cinema Axis

“The intensity of its fight scenes and the abundance of them is what helps forgive the movie for its flaws. Action junkies will truly appreciate the craft on display, so long as they acknowledge that it will be a bumpy ride in between those adrenaline-fueled setpieces.” Goomba Stomp 

“It winds through murder for hire, politics, double and triple crosses, conspiracies and, for more than one character, personal vengeance. Much of it could have been left out or simplified without changing the film. Apart from making the film easier to follow it would also have spared the cast a lot of dialogue that they weren’t up to delivering […] If you can put up with that then the fight scenes certainly make Contracts worth seeing.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Margaryta Soldatova … Malice
Kyle Stewart … Brett Stanton
Christena Gaunce … Rebecca Fields
Dan Sanderson … Blake Morris
Jermaine Carty … Marc Sullivan
Alex Chung … Anthony Lo / Reaper #3
Neil Bishop … Lazardus Constantine
Michael Carter … Headshot
Jonathan Pang … Arch / Reaper #2
Rufio Luey … Reaper #1
Graham Jezioranski … Billy Morris
Paul Krysinski … Eli Scotton
Giulio Calisse … Ingram
Reuben John Tumanguil … Ballistic
Tim Biemann … Roland Burke
Shahab Pierre … Richards
Wolfgang Max Kaufmann … Floye

Technical details:

75 minutes


Contracts originally began as just a short film. After most of the film was shot, however, feedback suggested turning it into a feature which led to several more years of both reshoots and new scenes being added.

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