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‘Get ready for a deadly reunion’

Paintball Massacre is a 2020 British horror feature film about old school friends who go on a paintball trip, miles away from civilisation. Things go horribly wrong when they discover a cold-blooded masked killer is among them. Now they must fight to survive their school reunion

Directed by Darren Berry – making his feature debut – from a screenplay by Chris Regan (London Heist; Warrioress; Ten Dead Men), the movie stars Katy Brand, Lee Latchford-Evans (Dead Ringer; The Rizen; Cash and Curry), Robert Portal (Tales from the Lodge; Eat Locals; The Huntsman: Winter’s War) and Nicholas Vince (Book of MonstersThe Black GlovesNightbreedHellraiser and Hellbound). Produced by Joe Hallett and Brendan Carr.


In the USA, Paintball Massacre is released on DVD and Digital on December 15th 2020 by Uncork’d Entertainment.


“There’s an attempt at humor here, but it kind of fell flat to me. I did like the scene with a mine going off, as I didn’t expect the film to have the budget to handle that. Otherwise, your enjoyment of this will depend upon your love of slashers — mine is high, obviously — and your enjoyment of getting plugged with paintballs.” B&S About Movies

“With its horror-comedy elements, Mr Berry displays terrific visual montages throughout to balance the story’s suspense and dark humor to great effect.  With the limited budget, the film keeps us engaged with plenty of action and strong subtext. The ensemble cast plays their grown-up prep school archetypes to perfection.” Dread Central

“Besides the gory and personalized revenge, the film is really well written. I especially liked the different characters and felt the character types and their conversations were realistic. I understand that people have to die in a horror movie, and being jerks, they all had bad things coming to them, but I was a little pissed to see them die.” Film Combat Syndicate

“Throw in dry humor and sarcasm, as well as the deeper bonds that form during trauma, and this film from Chris Regan and Darren Berry has a lot more than meets the eye. And because this is a horror film, I will also mention that the order of deaths is far from stereotypical and will have you on the edge of your seat. Small pinches of originality is all it takes to set a movie away from the pack, to make it stand out, and that was accomplished here.” Horror Society

“The weakest link in all of Paintball Massacre is that it’s shot and presented in a very basic manner. It feels very much like a standard BBC comedy from the ‘90s. There is no unique setup for the kills and no real flair to it […] Still when all is said and done this is a serviceable and enjoyable enough film worth at least a rental. Not every feature needs to reach for the stars…” Killer Horror Critic

Killer Weekend (aka Fubar) covered similar ground in 2018 […] and whereas both films are British, mix comedy with gore and have characters at constant odds with each other, the aforementioned movie carried it off […] If it wasn’t for the constant infighting and bickering […] I might have overlooked the plot’s gaps in logic and enjoyed Paintball Massacre much more.” My Bloody Reviews

” …Paintball Massacre is a fantastic British horror that, whilst it conforms to the tropes of the slasher movie, also feels very much like a modern British reworking of the old Agatha Christie murder-mysteries, specifically her 1939 oft-filmed (and oft-imitated) story Ten Little Indians; and as such not only marks cinematographer turned director Darren Berry as one to watch but also screenwriter Chris Began…” Nerdly

” …while low in budget, it aims to please with its dark, dark comedy and content. Suit up, players!  There’s a killer on the battle zone!” Reel Reviews

“While there are some nicely gory bits there’s also a couple of traps that seem a bit elaborate and with a low probability of taking out their intended victim. Like the landmine I just mentioned. Or another involving a piece of heavy machinery in the middle of nowhere. Most of the film takes place during the day which robs Paintball Massacre of a lot of atmosphere.” Voices from the Balcony

“All in all, Paintball Massacre is a pretty good horror film filled with some inventive kills, a badass mute killer, and a major twist coming out of an 80s slasher. A fun film for horror fans.” World Film Geek

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Cast and characters:

Katy Brand … Marshal Shelly
Lee Latchford-Evans … Nathan Brown
Robert Portal … Marshal Eddie
Nicholas Vince … Somerset the Barman
Ian Virgo … The Killer
Cheryl Burniston … Jessica Bentley
Lockhart Ogilvie … Tommy Atkins
Brendan Carr … Dan Mitchell
Natasha Killip … Lauren Bryce
Nathan Clough … Ben Hayes
Joe Hallett … Aiden Jones
Aoife Smyth … Sara Ryan
Ryan Winsley … Matt Wilson
Tony Banham … Rob Addington
Paul Holbrook … Marshal Gary

Filming locations:

Sparkford Inn, Sparkford, Yeovil, England

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