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‘They kill what they see’
Creature in the Dark is a 2020 American horror film about a father trying to protect his daughter from weird monsters.

Written, photographed, edited and directed by Jacob Perrett (Spine Chiller; Weird Fiction), the Fame Cinema production stars Taylor Rhoades, Mya Rhoades, Danielle Rhoades and Karlee Mihailov.

After strange creatures arrive, a husband waiting for the return of his wife must take on the role of a protecting father to his infant daughter…


Creature in the Dark was well filmed, interesting, and with some decent acting. This fell down slightly for me with the lack of dialogue restricting how much empathy I could feel for the protagonist, as well as the lack of much occurring during the 80 minutes run time. Still, this is another step up in quality and has me excited to see where Perret will go next.” The Rotting Zombie

“If you’re in the mood for a drama, Creature in the Dark is well written and acted. Rhoades does a good job of carrying just about the whole film alone. But with very little going on for much of the film’s running time some viewers will become restless. Doubly so for anyone expecting a more traditional horror film.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:
Jarrett Ayers … Intruder
Anthony Derington … Broadcaster
Evan Gleason … Transport Team
Arion Manuel … Transport Team
Karlee Mihailov … Megan
Matt Nale … The Creature
Jacob Perrett … Brother
Danielle Rhoades … Emma Kern
Mya Rhoades … Mya Kern
Taylor Rhoades … River Kern

Filming locations:
Meadville, Pennsylvania

Technical details:
80 minutes



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