THE SOVIET SLEEP EXPERIMENT (2019) Sleep-deprivation horror


‘What happens when staying awake means your nightmare never ends’

The Soviet Sleep Experiment is a 2019 American horror feature film about Russian researchers’ keeping test patients awake for thirty days.

Directed by Barry Andersson (Relentless; The Lumber Baron; Edge of Insanity) from a screenplay written by actor Michael Patrick McCaffrey, the Mogo Media-Walk the Moon Media production stars Eva De Dominici (Cosmic Sin; Sangre blanca; You Shall Not Sleep), Rafal Zawierucha (Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood), Chris Kattan (American Nightmares; Sharknado 5: Global Swarming;  Santa’s Slay; House on Haunted Hill 1999) and Michael Villar (Psychopaths; Visions).


In the late 1940s, Russian researchers kept four test patients awake for thirty days using an experimental gas-based stimulant. The researchers were cut off from the world and asked to do a series of tests on the subjects.

What starts as a purely scientific study, quickly spirals out of control. As the experiment progresses, the subjects take matters into their own hands and test the concept of truth as a matter of life and death…


The Soviet Sleep Experiment premiered at the Twin Cities Film Fest on October 18th 2019.


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Cast and characters:

Eva De Dominici … Doctor Anna Antonoff
Rafal Zawierucha … Doctor Leo Antonoff
Chris Kattan … Subject 3
Michael Villar … Subject 4
Charles Hubbell … Subject 5
Paul Cram … Subject 6
Evgeny Krutov … Captain Yegor Sokolov
Sasha Andreev … Russian Captain
Crist Ballas … Patient 3
Jeromy Darling … Subject 3 Uncle
Wyatt Darling … Young Subject 3
Lee Fealy … Patient 4
Noah Ferche … Doctor 4
Noah Gillett … Doctor 1
Nick Houchin … Patient 2

Filming locations:

Lakeville, Minnesota


The Sleep Experiment (2019)