MASSACRE ACADEMY (2021) Killer clown slasher horror


‘The final exam is murder’

Massacre Academy is a 2021 American slasher horror film about a repeat killing spree that seems to be the work of Carnie the Killer Clown.

Written and directed by Mark Cantu (Average Joe; Elite; Echo), the Cineworx production stars Jess Uhler, Brian Ceponis, Sierra Mitchell and Christina Krakowski. Genre regular Shawn C. Phillips has a cameo role.


College athlete Kris McNeil (Jess Uhler) is one the few survivors of a grisly series of murders committed two years previously at the hands of a masked slasher known as Carnie the Killer Clown. Deeply scarred by the events of that night, Kris attempts to move on with the help of her younger sister Maggie (Sierra Mitchell) and her therapist Doctor Shayne.

However, as the two year anniversary approaches, a new murder spree begins, forcing Kris to face her demons head-on and stop a brand new killer hellbent on carrying on Carnie’s blood-soaked legacy…

Cast and characters:

Jess Uhler … Kris McNeil
Brian Ceponis … Carnie
Sierra Mitchell … Maggie McNeil
Christina Krakowski … Becca
Shawn C. Phillips … Kyle
James C. Leary … Henry Lee Palmer
Stephanie Swift … Doctor Brady
Daniel John Kearney … Corey
Brandon Krum … Julius Corey Slater
Chris Rhydings
Valena Zitello … Lori
Rick Dutrow … Lt. John Hallenbeck
Jason Bradford … Victim at Party
Rowan Weiblen
Xander Goldman … Dalton Steele
Brian Rickerson … Tanner Hart
April Golebiewski … Debbie Levine
Gene Scatina … Rick the car salesman
Ron Sibert … Jennings
Ryan Bergman … Taggart
Ray Cygrymus … Riot Ronnie
Susie Linsenmayer

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1