PSYCHOPOMP (2020) Surreal reality loss horror


“Is he directing the movie from hell or are demons directing him?’

Psychopomp is a 2020 American surreal horror film about a filmmaker with amnesia who tries to piece together his life after a weird accident.

Written and directed by Arthur Reyes (as Arthur G. Reyes) – making his feature debut – the Trupeak Entertainment production stars Bret Corey, Quint Gabriel, Ken Davitian (Mummy Dearest; May; Frogtown II), genre regular Maria Olsen (The Crumbs; The Bone Box; Ghost in the Graveyard; et al), Samantha Weller (The Mantle; Bigfoot: Path of the Beast) and Emily Eruraviel.


Following a mysterious accident that leaves him with retrograde amnesia, Archie Finch struggles to make sense of his life. Delivered a dark screenplay, it’s clear that he’d been directing some sort of film

However, when an entity known as Retrovision begins to visit Archie’s dreams, the line between art and reality blurs. Announcing himself as a friendly guide to the other side, the TV-headed Retrovision seemingly possesses vital answers.

Reaching out to former contacts contained in a black book, Archie pieces together the violent events that preceded his injury. Compelled to protect himself, Archie procures a gun from shadowy characters and soon finds himself interrogated by two detectives investigating a murder.

Increasingly unstable, Archie hears a voice on the radio, which instructs him to stay at the El Rancho Motel if he wishes to remember his past…


Psychopomp is released On-Demand on December 8th 2020.

Main cast and characters:

Bret Corey … Archie Finch
Quint Gabriel … Ed, Retrovision
Ken Davitian … Captain
Maria Olsen … Rita
Samantha Weller … Birdie
Emily Eruraviel … Cherry
Michael Placencia … Detective Pete
Basil Masters … Russell
Kyle Peck … Wren
Hannah Robinson … Samatha
Mukesh .C. Patel … Doctor Dun
Becky Moore … Thana
Faythe Rullan … Sonia
Rick Long … Motel Clerk
Diamond Dez … Jill
Stephen Giordano … Craig
Skata-Mics … Uber Driver
Cathi Hall … Crazy Lady
Alton Henry … Detective James
Joseph Martone … Doctor Gorman
Bri Andrews … Mary Lynn
Henry Ochoa … Richard
Porfirio Diaz … Jerry
Dejanera Gonzalez … Banshee
Sean Reilly … Chef
Demitri Fellines … Customer
Jeff Robinson … Top Hat Man
Sam Cardenas … Doorman
Daniel Campbell … Tommy
Jacob Conahan … Young Archie (as Jake Conahan)
Riddle Ann Wonderland … Kim
Gabriel Jose Gomez IV … Limbrick
Cindy Ferreri … Millie