HERE ON OUT (2019) First reviews of cabin-in-the-woods horror thriller

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Here on Out is a 2019 American horror-thriller film about a group of friends celebrating their graduation by going to a cabin in the woods. As hope for the future gives way to fear of the unknown, they start to suspect that something sinister may be stalking them.

Written and directed by Matias Breuer and Liam Hall – making their feature directorial debut – the movie stars Nicole Brydon Bloom (1BR), Austin Larkin, Claire Lord, Fergie L. Philippe, Tess Tregellas, W. Scott Parker III (Abomination 2011; Broken Springs aka 101 Zombies; April Fool’s Day 2008) and Kimberly Avery (Paramnesia). Produced by Rebekah Richin.


In the hopes of distracting herself from an uncertain future, Francis (Nicole Brydon Bloom) invites her friends Lauren (Tess Tregellas) and Barb (Claire Lord) to her family’s mountain cabin to celebrate their college graduation. Things take an unexpected turn when the girls discover they must share the space with Francis’ college-dropout brother Hal (Austin Larkin) and his slacker friend Terry (Fergie L. Philippe), but the group eventually settles into what will surely be a fun weekend of reconnecting with friends and revisiting childhood haunts.

However, after a series of strange occurrences and a mysterious disappearance, the gang starts to suspect that something sinister may be preying on them. Is there some truth to the urban legends they shared as children? Or does the creepy neighbour next door know more than he lets on? As old relationships get tested and new truths come to light, the group must find a way to come together in order to face a looming threat that might endanger more than their friendships…


“There’s too much time focusing on the dramatic side of things to allow for that thriller edge to be harder hitting, darker or satisfying because it’s fighting against the tone set by its tomes of friendship. It isn’t helped by an ending that feels anti-climactic […] It’s entertaining and worth watching but it’s a shame that it didn’t live up to its full potential.” Film Carnage

“Many screenplays have tried to capture teenage angst accurately, and some have succeeded (Lady Bird comes to mind). But it is remarkably refreshing that Hall and Breuer are able to capture this young adulthood attribute in the guise of an indie horror movie. Here On Out offers emotional truth and subtle surprises in a movie designed to make you think it’s your usual dead teenager film.” Film Threat

Here On Out may not have been conceived to shock or disturb, but a misleading setup and minimal chills may disappoint those craving a supernatural horror fix. The work does show that Breuer and Hall are capable of nurturing solid performances from their eager ensemble of charismatic newcomers, especially promising up-and-comer Bloom, whose vulnerability draws us into Frances’ plight in a similar way to her role in the recent sleeper 1BR (2019).” Rue Morgue


Here on Out premiered at the Carrboro Film Festival on November 17th 2019.

Gravitas Ventures is releasing Here On Out On-Demand on December 15th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Nicole Brydon Bloom … Francis
Austin Larkin … Hal
Claire Lord … Barb
Fergie L. Philippe … Terry
Tess Tregellas … Lauren
W. Scott Parker III … James
Kimberly Avery … Serious nurse

Filming locations:

Mebane, North Carolina

Technical details:

87 minutes


Our rating:

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