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‘Someone has an axe to grind…’
Bloody Summer Camp is a 2021 American slasher horror film about a maniac wearing a devil mask who kills the counsellors one by one.

Written, co-produced and directed by David Kerr (Go Away; Return of the Slasher Nurse; Curse of the Slasher Nurse). Also produced by Amber Fulcher, Michael McGlynn and Jaime Weisman.

The Slasher 15 Productions movie stars Felissa Rose (Camp Twilight; A Nun’s Curse; Sleepaway Camp; plus many others), Cody Faulk, Kay Leahy, Wayne Townsend, Matthew Sharpe, Brendan Lynch and Dave Sheridan (Big Freaking Ray; Blood Craft, Victor Crowley; et al). Genre regular Shawn C. Phillips has a cameo role filmed online.

In 1986, a group of counsellors gather at Camp Trustfall to prepare for the new Summer. Soon after arriving, a killer wearing a devil mask begins killing them off one by one. Is this the boy from the camp legend or is it someone else with an axe to grind?

Bloody Summer Camp is so painfully cliched and poorly acted that it must be a parody of slashers? The creepy character Michael (Wayne Townsend) wears an obvious joke wig so it must be a comedy? Right? Nope. In comedies there is humour. There are no laughs here. Just two-plus hours of poorly edited self-indulgent awfulness.

Everything is flatly shot. There’s echoey audio. Despite being suitably splattery the infrequent deaths are generally poorly presented with lighting that shows little. The synth score is equally dire. The sweary vile misogynistic cook character is presumably meant to instil a reaction but most viewers will have yawned out by the time he gets to give his rants before he dies.

Felissa Rose is always welcome but this is the weakest of the retro slasher efforts she’s appeared in so far. Meanwhile, Dave Sheridan does some overacting schtick which is perhaps intended to be funny? “Thank God” (as Rose’s character says) when he leaves the movie for a while.

Aspiring to be an 80s throwback Bloody Summer Camp has none of the charms of those films, even some of the worst ones. Frankly, there are better-made fan films out there. As if it wasn’t excruciating enough to watch, there’s an even longer version that has been released on Blu-ray!
Peter Drebell, MOVIES and MANIA

Bloody Summer Camp had its world premiere on June 12, 2021, in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
The film is now available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime


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