THE SAVAGE TALES OF FRANK MACGUFFIN (2019) Preview of hallucinatory twisted horror


The Savage Tales of Frank MacGuffin is a 2019 American horror film about a man’s hallucinatory journey into the twisted secrets of a town. He is haunted as he tries to wash his hands of the past while unravelling a sinister plot.

Produced and directed by John Alden Milne – making his feature debut – from a screenplay written by Deborah Ann Frankel, the Hideaway Pictures production stars Clayton Drake, Mark Alastair, Samantha Collard, Amber-Kelly Mackereth, Mickey O’Brien and Laura Willet.


Frank MacGuffin (Clayton Drake) is just another small town cab driver trying to wash his hands of the past. Between fares, you can find him at the local watering hole or writing in his taxi. Indifferent to his father’s legacy and disdainful of his mother’s bullying ways, he muses on the twisted and bizarre underpinnings behind Fallingbrook’s sleepy town facade.

Haunted by a recently missing girl, Frank unwittingly begins to piece together the clues which keep falling in his lap. Frank can’t help but get his hands dirty, and you know what they say about blood – It takes a lot of water to wash it off.


The Savage Tales of Frank MacGuffin was released on VOD on April 20th 2019.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“This is an illusory tale, told in a singular artistic manner in the first half. The second half you end up with an occult story, told in a sure manner, full of mystery and horror. If you like your films weird and not storybook predictable, this one’s for you.  If you get past that disorganized beginning, you will be sucked into the story.” Ain’t It Cool News

Cast and characters:

Clayton Drake … Frank MacGuffin
Mark Alastair … Zander / Pigman (as Mark Fraser)
Samantha Collard … Dusty McCrea
Amber-Kelly Mackereth … Amber
Mickey O’Brien … Peter Rivest
Laura Willet … Laura