WE ARE THE MISSING (2020) Reviews and overview of horror mockumentary

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‘The scariest nightmares… are the ones you can never wake up to.’

We Are the Missing is a 2020 Canadian mockumentary horror film following The Madisons’ desperate search for their missing daughter.

Written and directed by Andrew J.D. Robinson, making his feature debut, the movie stars Maissa Houri, Mark Templin, Willow Mcgregor and Eleonora Poutilova.

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“While We Are the Missing has some great building blocks and cast and crew display instances of talent, overall this mockumentary suffers from an uneven tone. The camera resolution also changed too many times. It would have benefited from having an overall consistent look. Perhaps it would have been better as a serial podcast or a short.” 1 of My Stories

“The director Andrew J. D. Robinson achieved the feat of creating a good movie with almost no budget. The limitations that arise from the lack of funding are overcome with creativity from everyone involved in its making.” 10th Circle

“Although intriguing, with a creative twist and compelling storytelling, it can feel like something is missing. Maybe it’s the abrupt ending, maybe because the camera only has people in front of it telling their story without shots of Carter investigating the Madison’s house, or D’Arcadia which could have made it more dynamic. Still, with actually almost no budget at all, the film has come up with a a simple but effective solution and manages to create an unsettling feeling.” Big Horror Guide

“Andrew J.D. Robinson crafts a very effective story that does stumble here and there as it draws to a close but it’s one that keeps you invested from start to finish. The film may not sate horror buffs but fans of dramatic thrillers should find plenty to like here. This is an example of independent filmmaking done right […] We Are the Missing isn’t likely to blow anyone away but it’s sure to impress fans of profound filmmaking.” Cinema Smack

“Ultimately, the initial idea is effective, the style is current and resourceful, the opening creates a great amount of mystery and tension, it had sincere potential to really push the audience into discomfort but it struggles to build upon that foundation and gets a little lost upon its long winding road into the realm of the supernatural.” Film Carnage

” …the best thing about We Are the Missing is just how subtle it is. It’s not a ‘scary’ movie but it does creepy so damn well. However, it slowly builds this up and with it more and more tension. Like a tightly wound spring, you’re waiting for it to go off and put someone’s eye out. Does it? Watch it and found out. You will not regret it.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

We Are the Missing was an interesting film with an authentic feeling. With so many different bits going on there was occasionally times where I couldn’t remember who characters were, or got confused with actors who looked similar to each other. All the twists and turns along the way are given the dramatic attention they needed, with editing choices and sound creating the appropriate chills.” The Rotting Zombie

” …a film that really uses the main found footage concept to really build its own world of horror, by asking questions, by implying, by really using a cinematic approach – not so much in terms of camerawork (where the film rarely ever veers beyond talking headshots, but by clever editing, good use of sound bites and even a score (a bit of a rarity with found footage movies), as well as quite simply clever writing…” Search My Trash

We Are the Missing was shot for $300. That’s Canadian dollars I should add, so don’t expect effects or action scenes. What you do get are plenty of convincing interviews on increasingly creepy topics […] It actually works very well. Given a couple of lines near the end, and my take on things, I think it’s actually a great way to handle this material.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Maissa Houri … Angie Madison
Mark Templin … John Madison
Willow Mcgregor … Mackenzie Porter
Eleonora Poutilova … Carter
Chantel Little … Riley Madison
Gabrielle Banville … April
Olivia Piercey … Paige
Katherine Stella Duncan … Phoebe Taylor
Julie Mainville … Anonymous Caller
Rebekah Naomi Ayala … Amy Bickle
Chantal Grace … Olivia Perkins
Patrick Mulligan … Trevor Berkley
Chelsea Woods … Grace Sinclair
Sue Beattie Sue Beattie … Bonnie Hue
John Andrews John Andrews … Maxwell Mansbridge
Samuel Ingram Gillmore … Anchor #1
Victoria Givlin … Anchor #2
Jason Sedlar … Anchor #3
Zack Boniface … Tyler
Simon Boniface … Barry
Jennifer Willis … Detective Edwards
Maura Stephens … Dispatcher
Mikal … Jason Thompson

Technical details:

83 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

Free to watch online:

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