SICCÎN 5 (2018) Overview and free to watch online in HD


Siccîn 5 is a 2018 Turkish supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Alper Mestçi (MusallatMusallat 2: Lanet). This is the fifth entry in Alper Mestçi’s Siccîn franchise which began in 2014.

The movie stars Aslin Su Divrik, Selim Aydin, Metin Yildirim, Özgür Hacier, Rüya Önal, Ece Baykal, Merve Ates, Pinar Gülkapan, Tuncay Çagil, and Ece Koroglu.


Hale, her mentally ill mother, grieving grandmother and aunt Azrakla, live in a historical and terrifying house in Nevşehir. Hale’s father had disappeared before she was born and was never seen again.

Hale has a nightmare about the terrible night; the father he never saw invites him to an old and uncanny home. This house is the old house of his grandfather in Karain Village, where a forbidden ritual was held many years ago. After this nightmare, Hale experiences a number of incredible changes…


The Turkish release was on 17th August 2018, followed by various European countries on 12th September 2018.

Filming locations:

Siccîn 5 was shot in Nevşehir where 900 people lived and approximately 400 people died when cancer raged and the Karain village, which was evacuated by a parliamentary decision, was used as a natural plateau.


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