DEAD AIR (2021) Review and overview

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‘Some secrets should stay hidden’

Dead Air is a 2021 American horror film about a middle-aged man that unravels a dark, unimaginable secret via his father’s old radio.

Directed by Kevin Hicks (The Forever Room; Doppel; Behind the Door; Paranormal Proof) from a screenplay written by producer Vickie Hicks and starring them both, the Chinimble Lore production also stars Chris Xaver, Luca Iacovetti, Madison Skodzinsky and Mackenzie Skodzinsky.


Cleaning out the home of his newly deceased mother, William stumbles across some belongings of his father, who died when he was just a boy. Among his father’s things, he discovers an old ham radio and, fascinated, attempts to use it.

Over the airwaves, he stumbles upon a strange woman, Eva, who suffers from paranoia and agoraphobia and hides a dark secret of her own. Wary at first, she slowly begins to thaw, and they strike up a distant friendship – their respective radios the only thread that connects them.

However, Eva isn’t the only thing that comes to him through the radio. Something desperate has stirred, attempting to reach William, to take hold of him and pull him into the shadow world of memories best left forgotten. The two worlds collide, and William is rushed down a path that is paved with deceit, lies and an awful truth, a truth that pulls him into a world of darkness from which he cannot escape…


“Granted, there are genuine moments of sadness and humor.  The connection with Eva gradually unfurls as they talk of their past loves, losses, and trips to Germany.  The trouble is the audience is treated to every single detail delivered at a pace that could have been put into 20 minutes of screen time.” Horror Screams Video Vault

” …the lack of effects and emphasis on dialogue means a certain segment of the audience will find Dead Air to be dead dull. The fact the supernatural elements don’t kick in until later in the film will only add to that. I found the story interesting enough to hold my attention and, at times, keep me guessing.” Voices from the Balcony


Dead Air will be available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms on February 19, 2021, and on DVD on February 23, 2021, through Freestyle Digital Media.

Cast and characters:

Kevin Hicks … William
Vickie Hicks … Eva
Chris Xaver … Doctor Jennings
Luca Iacovetti … Billy
Madison Skodzinsky … Mindy
Mackenzie Skodzinsky … Shanna
Ryan C. Mitchell … Gerald
Mark Skodzinsky … Grumpy Homeowner
Bruce Levitt … Han
Steve Shannon … Radio Newscaster


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