EXILED: THE CHOSEN ONES (2021) Preview of British action thriller

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Exiled: The Chosen Ones is a 2021 British science-fiction action thriller about a brutal post-pandemic game involving almost certain death.

Written, directed by and co-starring Ranjeet S. Marwa (The Missing; Memoirs of a Sikh Soldier; Citizen Erased), the Rocket Sky High Pictures-Silent D Pictures production also stars Sunny Pang, Hannah Al Rashid, Nick Khan, Oka Antara, James Jaysen Bryhan and Carl Wharton.


After a man-made virus failed to reduce the world’s overpopulated areas, global leaders start a new program that legitimises a new venture in a game show. The game is broadcast live, where random contestants are exiled into a concrete jungle, forced to kill each other for their freedom. Viewers place their bets on who had a chance at survival. Be that as it may… no one survives the game.

Cast and characters:

Sunny Pang … Hiro
Hannah Al Rashid … Amber Chase
Nick Khan … Igor Dragovich
Oka Antara … Kruz
James Jaysen Bryhan … Kato Plasma
Carl Wharton … Billy the Butcher
Ranjeet S. Marwa … Brain Dead
Jon Xue Zhang … Bulldozer
Craig Edwards … Jimmy The Reaper
François Mequer … Victor Moreau
Mark Sears … Hybrid Prototype Version 1
Ermar Alexander … Black Eyed Viper
Warren Hicks … Jake Marshall
Zihier Rafiq … Kabal Jade
Nisaro Karim … Domino Carnage


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