GHOST LIGHT (2021) Reviews and overview


Ghost Light is a 2021 American horror film about an opportunistic killer who becomes obsessed with the spirit of a theatre.

Directed by Gabriel Saint (Chance Has No Empathy; writer of Speed Demons) from a screenplay co-written with Derrick Denicola, the movie stars Will Rothhaar, Sallieu Sesay, Maddisyn Carter and Meghan Burton.


Opportunist and liar Joseph Watkins (Will Rothhaar) puts on a play at a theatre with a murderous past to impress, Virginia, an actor on the verge of leaving town. While evading two detectives and to the alarm of his stage manager, Joseph becomes obsessed with the spirit of the theatre and begins killing those who get in his way…


“A little nudity and a little gore are no reasons to watch this. There is only a partial story here and no reasons given as to why anything is even happening. I have no idea who some of the characters were or their relationships to each other. The actors are dinner theatre level. The dialogue is stilted. There is no character development…” Hampersnow

“We have to wait until nearly forty-five minutes into the seventy-minute film before we get a horribly staged fight and a murder by sledgehammer. Ghost Light could have been an enjoyable film if it wasn’t so slow-paced and talky. Or if the script had explained a few details and made a bit more sense.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Will Rothhaar … Joseph Watkins
Sallieu Sesay … Detective Jones
Maddisyn Carter … Virginia
Meghan Burton … Lydia
Dana Chapman … Franny
Noelle Perris … Detective Branton
Michael Tauzin … Jared
Derrick Denicola … Business Man
Elizabeth Godley … Ivy
Clifford Cisneros … Cliff
Garrett Patrick Kirby … Ramen
London Shover … Marcus Boyt
James Brent Armstrong … Drummer
F. Xavier Marotta … Francis
Erika Hoffman … Erika

Technical details:

70 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1


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