A GHOST WAITS (2020) Reviews and overview of romcom ghost horror

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A Ghost Waits is a 2020 American romantic comedy horror film about a handyman that encounters a female ghost while fixing up a house. He tries to exorcise her from the property, however, they fall in love.

Directed by Adam Stovall from a screenplay co-written with MacLeod Andrews, based on a storyline by Adam Stovall and Matt Taylor, the Rebecca Films production stars MacLeod Andrews, Natalie Walker, Sydney Vollmer and Amanda Miller.


“Although the film does falter slightly in its third act — a subplot involving the office politics of the afterlife wastes valuable time better spent developing Jack and Muriel’s relationship — it manages to salvage itself with a heart-warming (albeit macabre) ending. Above all, A Ghost Waits is a refreshing dose of poignant, character-driven comedy in a genre sometimes lacking in emotional depth.” Beyond the Veil

“The film’s screenplay co-written by Matt Taylor and MacLeod Andrews, paying homage to classics of the genre, while also finding a unique and distinctive voice. The result of which is a beautiful 80-minute journey into life, death and rebirth; the power of love transcending the boundaries of mortality in creating belonging, purpose and companionship.” Cinerama Film

A Ghost Waits is strongest when focused on Jack’s depression, the blossoming courtship, Muriel’s initial befuddlement as to why she can’t scare the guy away like all the rest, and an encroaching tragedy signposted a mile off, but this is precisely what makes its denouement all the more powerful and uncomfortable.” CineVue

” …Stovall engineers a climax to the movie that is both intensely sad and strangely sweet. It’s hard to believe this is the director’s debut feature; he’s taken some difficult to navigate subject matter and made a pitch-perfect sweet indie romance between the living and the dead, with superbly timed performances from both Andrews and Walker.” Dark Eyes of London

“Its storytelling inconsistencies accepted, this is an impressive effort given the resources, and it’d certainly be interesting to see what Stovall could pull off on a larger budget. Though the romantic elements are too rushed to fully convince, A Ghost Waits offers up an inventive kitchen sink approach to the metaphysical, topped by two strong lead performances.” Flickering Myth

“Quite likely the funniest, most romantic, touching supernatural horror we’ll see this year […] A Ghost Waits is superb, evoking the best of writers like R. Chetwynd-Hayes while never losing its profound emotional core. Really, truly, madly, deeply wonderful. Loved it.” House of Mortal Cinema

“Sure, the direction is assured, the players confident and the black-and-white photography works in the film’s favour but for such a simple, straightforward tale I still had niggles with the plotting, the rather pedestrian first half-hour and a lead character that wasn’t quite as sympathetic and endearing as they may have intended him to be. On the plus side, Natalie Walker as Muriel is a triumph and she steals every scene that she’s in…” My Bloody Reviews

“The film’s first time writer and director deserve a lot of credit for pulling it off so well. Andrews also deserves the best actor awards he picked up on the film’s festival run. Funny, insightful, and at times touching A Ghost Waits was a lot more entertaining than I expected. The film’s only real flaw is it takes a bit too long to get going.” Voices from the Balcony

A Ghost Waits is a clever, harmonious and darkly funny film, an oddly but genuinely heartwarming story which deserves to be seen. For a directorial debut, this is an incredible piece of work.” Warped Perspective

Main cast and characters:

MacLeod Andrews … Jack
Natalie Walker … Muriel
Sydney Vollmer … Rosie
Amanda Miller … Ms Henry

Filming locations:

Cincinnati, Ohio
Covington, Kentucky
Lakeside Park, Kentucky
Los Angeles, California
New York City, New York

Technical details:

80 minutes
Black and white



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