NECROPATH (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Even a pandemic can’t kill an addiction’

Necropath is a 2018 American horror film about a mentally deranged maniac who stalks victims to fulfil his drug addiction. However, he eventually becomes the victim of an unexpected invasion of the undead.

Written, directed and edited by Joshua Reale based on his 2016 short Necropaths, the Cayo Industrial Horror production stars Brandy Cihocki, Lillian Colvin, Natalie Colvin and Nathan Faudree. Produced by Geoffrey Orlowski and Joshua Reale.


“Encompassing many elements relating to issues happening in today’s world, the Grindhouse-style piece tells of a mysterious virus, plague, and pharmaceutical drug conspiracy that erupts over a city causing a pandemic. In the midst of the chaos, a mentally deranged maniac seeks to fulfil continuous addiction and vengeful murder, despite the imminent demise of society happening around him. The story leads to a family being destroyed leaving an abandoned little girl to save her baby sister.”


“There’s not much worth it to this one, as the confusing nature of its conception and utterly overdone experimental flair overwhelm and basically wipe out the few positives that could potentially pop up.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“Writer/director Joshua Reale is relentless in his barrage of gloomy nihilistic images. The most grimdark to ever grimdark. And honestly, it is clear that he is trying his best. But without a thematic through-line, or something resembling a plot, what the viewer is left with is a fairly good death metal video without the music.” Film Threat

“With it’s frequently flickering lights, mismatched and sometimes intentionally out of focus footage combined with the random noise in the background I found Necropath hard to watch. And harder to follow […] Something that was doubly annoying since by about the halfway point I started losing interest in what was going on.” Voices from the Balcony

“Nearly dialogue-free, Necropath is less concerned with creating a narrative and more concerned with thrusting us into a mindset. Its visuals are indistinct and murky. Rarely is anything sharp or clearly lit. Instead, the camera lens’s focus meanders constantly, and the lighting, when there, flickers and strobes…” Without Your Head

Cast and characters:

Brandy Cihocki … Mother
Lillian Colvin … Lost Girl
Natalie Colvin … Crack Hag
Nathan Faudree … Father of Business
Cassandra Hayes TBC
Shain Hence … Main Zombie
Moe Isaac … Scag
Eric Mikuta
Keilen Mosher … Christian Boy

Technical details:

94 minutes


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