DEAD END DEMON aka DEAD END 2 (2017) Overview of slasher sequel


‘He’s back for revenge’

Dead End Demon aka Dead End 2 is a 2017 American horror film about a maniac that seems to be again stalking the residents of a small town. The movie is a sequel to Dead End (2014).

Written and directed by Jordan F. Ghanma (Psychopath aka Dead End 3; Double Deception), Dead Sea Productions movie stars Cynthia Aileen Strahan, Marcus D. Spencer, Vermyttya Erahn and Bianca Von Krieg.


After almost two years since the inhabitants of the small town of Santa Carla suffered the onslaught of the raging maniac, Cameron Crowe (Marcus D. Spencer), it seems he’s back.

Legend around town had it as that he may have been burnt in a fire he started. No one expected that he’d ever come back to wreak havoc once again. And this time with a vengeance. The desperate townspeople’s only hope is to conjure up spirits from beyond to protect themselves…


Dead End Demon is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Choice dialogue:

Tammy Tanaka: “Well, let me see… I’m losing my friends one by one and there’s a psycho killer running around town. No. I don’t think I’m asking in haste.”

Cast and characters:

Cynthia Aileen Strahan … Tammy Tanaka (as Cynthia Strahan)
Marcus D. Spencer … Cameron Crowe
Vermyttya Erahn … Cameron Crowe’s Mother (as Vermyttya Brown)
Bianca Von Krieg … Medium Harmony
Nina Martina … Joyce Moscone
Jordan F. Ghanma … Bookstore Clerk
Anquenitta Williams … Reporter Anita Smith
Julia Heller … Killer’s previous neighbour
Mike Dinsmore … Mailman
Larry Kitagawa … Detective James Tanaka
Neeru Sehgal … Nina
Alexa Ponciano … Brunette Trick-or-treater
Jeremy Koerner … The John
Sabrina J Corbett … Briana (as Sabrina Hodge)
Shalema Meszaro … Tina Tanaka


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