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‘She thought she was safe inside’

Agoraphobia is a 2015 American horror film about an agoraphobic that inherits her father’s house in a remote part of the Florida Keys. When weird things start happening, she discovers that there’s something far more terrifying trapped inside the house with her.

Written and directed by Lou Simon (73 Minutes; 3: An Eye for an Eye; All Girls Weekend; HazMat), the White Lotus Productions movie stars Cassandra Scerbo (Sharknado franchise), Adam Brudnicki (Stan Against Evil series; Swamp Ape), Tony Todd (Final Destination and Candyman franchises) and Aniela McGuinness (Marriage Killer; 3: An Eye for an Eye; HazMat).


Agoraphobia is available in North America just in time for Valentine’s Day. Writer-director Lou Simon commented: “It’s been a long time coming. We fought very hard to make this happen, and I’m glad that we get to finally share the film with the world.”

After being selected to screen at film festivals worldwide, Agoraphobia was picked up for distribution in various territories, including North America. However, when the film was inadvertently released without permission, the independent film company took legal action against the three companies involved, as well as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

The negotiations in New York federal court took over four years, but the parties finally settled the case amicably. “It definitely felt like we were David fighting Goliath,” expressed actor Julie Kendall, who plays Elizabeth in the film. “I was so glad to hear that the case had been settled. I’m very happy that Lou fought for all of us who worked so hard on the film, and on behalf of all independent filmmakers.”

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Agoraphobia isn’t a completely and utterly awful movie. In a modern sense, its production values are pretty good. In the bigger scheme, it isn’t too CGI-laden (which I can’t quite say is either good or bad) […] This is just one of those that never seems to find the glue it needs to bring it all together.” HNN

Agoraphobia fits into the frequently used low budget domain of ‘rent a house and craft a story’, and somewhere deep inside this picture is something good. However, it just struggles to get out of second gear until the final third, by which point you think that with a tighter re-write and a rearrangement of the narrative, it had the potential to be a piece of low budget excellence.” The Schlock Pit

Agoraphobia is an extremely well-made little piece of suspense/horror cinema: True, the story as such has been told before, but it’s presented in a very original way that keeps one guessing to the end, it finds a good balance between suspense and sudden shocks to exploit both to full effect, it makes the most of its very limited locations, and the cast is uniformly delivering top-notch performances.” Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

Cassandra Scerbo … Faye
Adam Brudnicki … Tom
Tony Todd … Doctor Murphy
Aniela McGuinness … Stephanie
Gema Calero … Nina
Maria Olsen … Aunt Margie / Ghost
Roberto Escobar … Detective Martinez
Julie Kendall … Elizabeth
Harry Marsh … Father
Hamlet … Kitty

Filming locations:

Key Largo, Florida
Miami Beach, Florida



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