IMTHEM (2021) Preview of comedy horror


ImThem is a 2021 American comedy crime-horror film about a theatrical makeup artist who stumbles upon the murder of his city’s mayor. He is forced to go on the run and is hunted by the two masked killers. Unfortunately, he quickly discovers he is the pawn of an ancient supernatural cabal.

Written and directed by Antony De Gennaro and co-adapted by J.P. DeGennaro, Jim Hobson and Kelly Riutta, the Spacecraft 11 Productions movie stars Clayton Ballard, Larry Laverty, Heather Horrocks and Timothy Vernor.


David, a theatrical make-up artist, stumbles upon the murder of his city’s mayor forcing him to go on the run from two masked killers. As people close to him begin to perish, he realizes he’s being framed. Now he must outwit evil condo developers, a sinister TV reporter, a few vampires, and his own power-hungry friends…

Cast and characters:

Clayton Ballard … David Hayes
Larry Laverty … Spencer Barely
Heather Horrocks … Shelly / Jenny
Timothy Vernor … Stanley
Brandi Morang … Chris
Anthony Nolen … Hit Man Jonathon
Tim Mccormick … Hit Man Edward
Kevin Headd … Them
Michael Northern … Undercover Cop / Hit Man
Matthew Mcmillen … Candy
John Shaner … Homeless man
Playa Whole … Alternate David
Tim Forehand … Mayor
Corey Gomez … Hit Man #5
Donna Scott … Vampire Girl
Savanna Nichols … Thomas / Scream Queen
Eli Lara … Tini the Clown
Ginny Morang … Girl at the table

Technical details:

93 minutes


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