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‘Protect your DNA’
Sensation is a 2021 British science-fiction mystery thriller film about a young postman who is inducted into a secret superhuman DNA program.

Directed by Martin Grof (Excursion) from a screenplay co-written with Magdalena Drahovska (Smoke Screen; Excursion), the movie stars Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones), Emily Wyatt, Jennifer Martin and Bethan Wright.

Andrew, (Eugene Simon) on a quest to uncover hidden truths about his family history, provides a top-secret agency with his DNA in order to discover his ancestry. It’s revealed that not only does Andrew have unlocked superhuman powers within his DNA but his grandparents previously participated in a government program that tried to influence human senses.

Andrew joins the program only to find, he’s not alone. Joining him at the grand research facility in the British countryside is a group of other individuals with superhuman skills. The agency tells Andrew that he’ll be able to receive information based on his senses and furthermore be able to control the senses of others.

However, as the secret training unfolds, Andrew starts to struggle with the program due to his emotions continually being triggered. Very strange things start to happen following this as he is placed in several bizarre scenarios that make him question his reality…

“There are some minor redeeming points, as the overall look and style of the film has been done fairly well and the score too is rather dramatic and appropriate, however unfortunately these aren’t enough to help this recover into something that is in any way enjoyable.” Cine Chat

“Grof’s style is early Cronenberg, from the 70s. He absolutely does not want his audience to get comfortable. Each scene, each camera angle, even the soundtrack, demands attention […] The movie however breaks the first rule of film-making, which is to give the viewer something to relate to, something to make you care what happens to the characters.” A Different Drummer

“The film could have leaned into its madness, at least to allow us some schadenfreude at its expense – but instead it sought to cover its tracks, and deny that it ever did anything wrong to begin with. What a sad and bemusing waste of time.” Indy Film Library

“An ending that skirts on borderline pretentious is equal parts uninspired and unsatisfying. Still, fleeting echoes of promise kept me glued to the screen. Intersections between exciting staging of key sequences, coupled with sharp editing and a decent score happen enough to warrant watching at least once.” Josh at the Movies

” …one doesn’t get just lost in all of this is, of course, thanks to a clever script, but also too grounded and relatable performances, and a direction that finds just the right balance between the mystery and the “reality” of the movie, all of which makes for a rather unusual but highly entertaining thriller.” Search My Trash

Sensation is not very thrilling, with an ending that might be a disappointment to some. But it is a decent sci-fi movie, with interesting characters and a script that develops suspense.” UK Film Review

In the USA, Sensation is released by Vertical Entertainment theatrically in select locations and On-Demand/Digital on Friday, December 31st 2021.

Cast and characters:
Eugene Simon … Andrew Cooper
Emily Wyatt … Nadia
Jennifer Martin … May
Bethan Wright … Rebecca
Alastair G. Cumming … Doctor Daniel Marinus
Anil Desai … Shaan
Kai Francis Lewis … Yuri
Alex Reid … Ernesto
Lorraine Tai … Quinn
Paul Coster … Agent 1
Richard Goble … Andrew’s Father
Sam Heydon … Doctor Kimura
Brian Theodore Ralph … Doctor Forrester

Technical details:
96 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1


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