SLASHLORETTE PARTY (2020) Reviews and overview


Slashlorette Party is a 2020 American horror slasher film about a maniac stalking guests at a bachelorette party held in the woods.

Directed by Paul Ragsdale (Streets of Vengeance; Cinco De Mayo) from a screenplay co-written with Angelica De Alba, the A&P Films production stars Molly Souza, Andrew Brown, Brooke Morris, Nina Lanee Kent and Robert Holloway.

Ginger Lynn Allen (31; The Devil’s Rejects; Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain; Satan’s Storybook) and Drew Marvick (director of Pool Party Massacre and its forthcoming sequel) have cameo roles.


A young woman suffering from anxiety is taken by her friends to a remote cabin in the woods to celebrate her bachelorette party.

The fun and games are cut short when an uninvited guest begins killing off the wedding party, one by one…


“We have many layers to this slasher which does make it rather hectic at times but it works for the most part. I liked the mental angle and the awkward brothers. However, the joined bachelor/bachelorette party does make it a little awkward at times.” Horror Society

Slashlorette Party is full of heart, it really feels like this film was made by slasher fans for slasher fans, with no pretence to reinvent the wheel as such; rather to give a spin to what has come before – show the classic stalk and slash story through modern eyes. Though the twist in this film’s tale certainly takes a well-worn cliche and adds greater depth to it.” Nerdly

“One thing that is a bit different about Slashlorette Party is we know who is doing the killing early on. It’s obvious and has to be intentional, you’ll know what I mean when you see the film. The question is why? And that’s both one hell of a reveal and possibly the film’s cleverest homages […] Unfortunately for Slashlorette Party, the ending is a major miscalculation…” Read more at Voices from the Balcony

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Slashorette Party has been released on DVD and Blu-ray via production company A&P Films. Order via their Facebook page.

Cast and characters:

Ginger Lynn Allen … Doctor Petra Jordan
Drew Marvick … Dean
Krystal Shay … Lacey
Joseph T. Hypes … Finn
Molly Souza … Brie
Daniel James Moody … Eddie
Nina Lanee Kent … Nia
Robert Holloway … Seth
Drue Mendenhall … Kevin
Jasmine March … Charlotte
Devin March … Bret
Luis Maya … Jimmy
Katee Hudson … Mandy
Shalene Prasad … Trinity
Brooke Morris … Alexa

Technical details:

78 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


YouTube reviews:

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

Slashlorette Party initially has more depth than many low budget slashers with some wry observations on the dating games that men and women play. Some of the men are shown to be obnoxious dicks and some of the women are also really bitchy and vile. Unfortunately, the focus on characters means the expected deaths don’t begin to occur until an hour into the running time. The score is awful and the ending is painfully protracted.

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