SORORITY OF THE DAMNED (2021) Preview of comedy horror


‘Witches be crazy’

Sorority of the Damned is a 2021 American comedy horror film about a reluctant handyman pitted against an evil sorority house mother. The latter opens a gate to Hell and the whole sorority becomes possessed by demons.

Co-directed by actor Joe Davison and special makeup FX artist Roy Knyrim from a screenplay co-written by Joe Davison and Jeremy Lester, the Red Gears Studios production stars Felissa Rose, Sarah French, Katarina Leigh Waters and Cheyenne Buchanan.


Currently in post-production.

Cast and characters:

Felissa Rose … Angela
Sarah French … Air Witch
Katarina Leigh Waters … Earth Witch
Cheyenne Buchanan … Levi
Richard Elfman … Reynold Harmony
Kourtney George … Grace
Anna Sofie Christensen … Fire Witch
Joe Davison … Trevor
David ‘Shark’ Fralick … Ken
Kaleina Cordova … Amber
Olivia Cordell … Morai
Renee Daw … Water Witch
Sydney Carvill … Jenny
Chelsea Jordan … Morgan
Kenneth J. Hall … John


There is currently no teaser or trailer available for Sorority of the Damned