SHADOWMARSH (2021) Preview with trailer


ShadowMarsh is a 2021 American monster horror film about an ancient evil lurking in the forest near a small town.

Directed by Matt Leal (Tales from the Grave: The Movie; Hacked) from a screenplay co-written with Matthew Festle and Megan Olenik.

The movie stars Ellen Woomer (Sorority of the Damned; Hacked), Mike Ferguson, (Triassic Hunt; The Devil’s Heist; Anonymous Killers), Shani Drake, Lew Temple (Hacked; Feral; The Devil’s Rejects), Dave Sheridan (Scream Test; Bloody Summer Camp); The Devil’s Rejects) and Felissa Rose (Big Freaking Rat; Victor Crowley; Sleepaway Camp).


When Jacob and his niece Piper are forced to move back to their old home, they slowly uncover the truth that the town has an ancient evil lurking in its forest…


There is a post-production finishing funds IndieGoGo campaign

Cast and characters:

Ellen Woomer … Piper Tomlin
Mike Ferguson … Jacob Tomlin
Shani Drake … Tatum
Corrinne Mica … Lori Meyers
Lew Temple … Sheriff Sam Tate
Dave Sheridan … Mayor Mark Meyers
Felissa Rose … Jill
Alan Maxson … The Creature
Shawn C. Phillips … Derek
David E. McMahon … Jebediah the Cult Leader
Eric Prochnau … Eric
Shawn Kohne … Shawn
Sheri Davis … Mary
D.T. Carney … Lewis
David Thomas Newman … Deputy Cooper


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