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Atomic Eden is a 2015 action-thriller film about a team of crack mercenaries fighting off an army of madmen in an old mine in Chernobyl. Also known as Nazi Doomsday Device

Directed by Nico Sentner from a screenplay co-written with Dominik Starck, based on Sentner’s story.

The German-Ukrainian-American movie stars Fred Williamson, Mike Möller, Hazuki Kato, Lorenzo Lamas, Wolfgang Riehm, Nico Sentner, Dominik Starck, Josephine Hies and Jens Nier.


“Featuring a terrific ensemble cast headed by Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Lorenzo Lamas, and Mike Moller, it’s chock full of insane action and attitude that will make action movie nerds cheer. It doesn’t waste time, it establishes itself well, and it’s entertaining from start to finish.” 411 Mania

Atomic Eden is fast-paced, action-packed, and above all else, it’s a damn good time. Over the last few years, Williamson has been stuck doing cameos or appearing in bit parts, but here he’s front and center, never shying away from the action. With his trademark cigar dangling from his lips, he pummels and blows away the gas-masked villains of the film.” The Action Elite

“Quite simply, the story Nico Sentner set out to tell didn’t have the budget that was required to tell it properly […] The major positives were the Mike Möller action sequences and Fred Williamson’s involvement. Stoker’s background may not have been fleshed out, but Williamson has been making action movies so long, it was easy to accept his character…” Bulletproof Action

” …actors, aside from Williamson and Lamas, look pale and too amateurish even for such production. While Moeller distracts viewers away from his lack of acting with his fantastic martial arts skills, other actors do not, and as a result – they look anything but professional mercenaries. There’s enough action, but cheesy dialogue often ruins the viewing.” BZ Film

“We get loads of showy martial arts moves, the kind that look great in a film like this even though they’d get your ass kicked in a real fight. And the odd moment of brutality such as Rieko shooting one attacker point-blank in the balls and stabbing his partner through the top of the head. Of course, the attraction for most folk watching this will be Williamson. While he doesn’t have a huge amount of screen time he makes the most of it, and he genuinely looks good in his fight scenes.” Voices from the Balcony

Director Nico Sentner’s statement:

“I grew up on John Carpenter movies, and he is one of the main reasons why I wanted to become a filmmaker. My favourite film of his is Assault on Precinct 13. I also really liked mercenary films like Predator and The Magnificent Seven where each mercenary has their own distinct personality and character. You really didn’t want them to die because you liked the characters so much.

So, naturally, Atomic Eden starts out as a mercenary movie and then it ends up in a single location as an Alamo scenario much like Assault on Precinct 13. In modern Hollywood movies, I’m nearly always disappointed by all the CGI overkill. I think these effects can take away the magic from a good story when the focus of the film is purely on the visual effects.

It was important for me with Atomic Eden to do everything using practical effects to give it the retro look and feel of the action films from the ’80s and early 90’s we all have watched and loved.

Overall, it worked out well and we have a great level of practical, in-camera action in the movie. Atomic Eden is my homage to the films that inspired me, and I think it will connect with fans of hardcore martial arts action movies. Enjoy!”

Cast and characters:

Fred Williamson … Stoker – The Leader
Mike Möller … David – The Fighter
Hazuki Kato … Reiko – The Samurai
Everett Ray Aponte … Darwin – The Texan
Lorenzo Lamas … Nathan – The Snake
Wolfgang Riehm … Heinrich – The Priest
Nico Sentner … John – The Sniper
Dominik Starck … Brenner – The Blade
Josephine Hies … Laurie – The Rookie
Jens Nier … Komorov – The Phantom
Martin Wunderlich … Goliath
Carolina Rath … Domina Trix
Thomas Kock … Belgian Guard #1
Alexander Mack … Belgian Guard #2
Caterina Döhring … John’s Girl #1

Technical details:

85 minutes
Audio: Mono



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