DON’T LET HER IN (2021) Preview and trailer for new Full Moon Features flick; now with poster


Don’t Let Her In is a 2021 American horror film about a young couple who rent out their loft to a female artist who turns out to be deadly.

Written and directed by Ted Nicolaou (Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys; Subspecies franchise; TerrorVision), the Full Moon features production stars Lorin Doctor, Cole Pendery, Kelly Curran and Austin James Parker.


Ben and Amber, an attractive young couple who rent out a room in their spacious loft to Serena, an eccentric, beautiful female artist…and they soon live to regret it…

Slowly but surely, their seductive new tenant invades their minds, their beds, the very fabric of their lives. When Amber finds herself pregnant, the lovers begin to suspect that the fetus growing within her womb is something more than human, something evil…and that Serena has been sent on a maternal mission from Hell itself.

Release date:

The two-part Don’t Let Her In movie will premiere on April 30, 2021, exclusively on via

On May 10th, episode one will be made available on other streaming platforms.

Cast and characters:

Lorin Doctor … Serena
Cole Pendery … Ben
Kelly Curran … Amber
Austin James Parker … Elias Lambe