FUTURE FEAR (2021) Review of sci-fi horror anthology with trailer


Future Fear is a 2021 American science-fiction horror anthology film written, directed by and starring Ken May (director of VHS Violence and VHS Violence II: VHS and KILL; actor in  Amityville Hex; Apex Predators; Ebola Rex; Arachnado; et al).

The Sepulchre Productions movie also stars Eric Reingrover, Otis Johnson, Raven Ebner and Kaylith Von Kola.


In the distant future, a female archaeologist is being hunted by alien attackers and so takes refuge in the ruins of a long-extinct civilization. There, she must employ ancient technology in hopes of finding a way to fight back and escape the planet…


Release date:

Future Fear will be released in the USA by Wild Eye Releasing on digital on June 8th 2021 with a DVD release to follow in August.

Original title:

Stellanomicon: Future Fear


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