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‘The population of Manhattan is under quarantine… for now.’
Battledogs is a 2013 American science-fiction action horror film about a werewolf virus that is unleashed upon New York. meanwhile, Major Hoffman looks for a cure while Lt. General Monning plans to establish a new canine army.

Directed by Alexander Yellen (Z Nation TV series; Finders Keepers) from a screenplay written by Shane Van Dyke (The Sacred; Chernobyl Diaries; Paranormal Entity; Transmorphers: Fall of Man; The Day the Earth Stopped).

The Infectious Films-The Asylum co-production stars Craig Sheffer (Widow’s Point; Tales from the Crypt Presents: Ritual; Hellraiser: Inferno; Nightbreed), Dennis Haysbert, Kate Vernon, Ariana Richards, Bill Duke, Wes Studi and Ernie Hudson.

” …the effort is there, the cast is there, and it meshes a couple of popular elements — werewolves and disaster — to watchable effect. Longtime Asylum fans will appreciate the added effort, and newcomers won’t be too put off by the lower production values, though most of the effects do stand out as rather poor by today’s most modest standards.”

“It’s tough to hate anything [Ariana] Richards is in, and she tends to rise above the camp. Scheffer also does a respectable job as the humanitarian Hoffman who struggles to bring this rapidly chaotic situation to a peaceful resolve […] The main caveat of Battledogs is the ending is so abrupt and ultimately unsatisfying.” Cinema Crazed

” …this is a pass for me, but it has some elements that I think some people might enjoy, especially those Asylum touches we’re used to.  There are also some good inside jokes, like Sheffer finding the remains of a guy’s face on the floor, a la Nightbreed, so someone might forgive the bad parts more than I did.” Direct to Video Connoisseur 

” …with some nice gore and a pretty involving storyline that never really gets convoluted, it’s got a lot to like that really makes up for the film’s few flaws in its CGI and pretty bland beginning that never fits in with the rest of the action, causing it to take a while to get going. Otherwise, this was quite fun.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“You like gore? Say like beasts ripping out throats, or soldiers blasting people’s heads off? We go it here. You like action? Be it by air, sea, and land… we got action almost non-stop in this movie […] we were entertained by Battledogs, hugely so. It’s almost a good movie. Almost.” Film Critics United

“It’s not being tongue-in-cheek, it’s not trying to be some minor cult hit, but this aims to please. Despite the relatively small budget, it throws in many creature moments and keeps trying to punch above its weight. Most of those punches miss, but it’s hard not to grudgingly admire the attempt.” For It Is Man’s Number

“While there’s a lot of stupidity in the film, Yellen counteracts that problem with so much verve and a palpable feeling of enthusiasm for the whole nonsensical affair I found it rather impossible to be charmed by it. Battledogs is one of those films that may have many, many dumb moments, but never dull ones; you can hardly ask for more from a film called Battledogs.” The Horror!?


Cast and characters:
Craig Sheffer … Major Brian Hoffman
Dennis Haysbert … Lt. General Christopher Monning
Kate Vernon … Doctor Ellen Gordon (as Katherine Elizabeth Vernon)
Ariana Richards … Donna Voorhees
Bill Duke … President Donald Sheridan
Wes Studi … Captain Falcons
Ernie Hudson … Max Stevens
Benjamin James … Corporal CJ Parkins
Anthony Pacella … Carl Hammond
Darin Cooper … Defense Secretary Woods
Afrim Gjonbalaj … Captain Sims
Richard Lounello Richard Lounello … Platoon Leader (as Rich Lounello)
Frank Rossi … Air Force Chief of Staff
Michael Cipiti … Staff Official
Richard Satterwhite … American Citizen
Cameron Gordon … Captain Taylor
Douglas Buczak … USAMRIID Aide
Giovanni Roselli … Daniels

Filming locations:
Buffalo, New York
New York City, New York
Niagara Falls, New York

Technical details:
88 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 16:9


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