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‘From the depths of the ocean comes man’s darkest fear’

Eye of the Beast is a 2007 Canadian science-fiction horror film about a lake fishing community beset by a lack of fish and a giant squid.

Directed by Gary Yates from a screenplay written by Mark Mullin. The Peace Arch Entertainment Group production stars James Van Der Beek, Alexandra Castillo, Arne MacPherson, Ryan Black, Brian Roach and Larissa Tobacco.


For centuries, tales of its existence have inspired fear and fascination. It is one of the largest creatures on the ocean floor. A massive, tentacled invertebrate that tends to feed on smaller creatures.

Government scientist Dan Leland is sent to investigate a reported story of a giant squid that appears to be devouring everything within sight and scent. What he uncovers is something that no one could have imagined a one-ton, tentacled terror with its eye on a new feast… man.


“Pedestrian to the extreme and hitting almost every note familiar to the Jaws playook without an ounce of inspiration, Eye of the Beast was directed by Gary Yates, who previously helmed the killer tiger flick Maneater, and while this one isn’t quite as deathly dull, it remains another dull, uneventful nature gone amok flick.” Dread Central

“It’s about as generic and run-of-the-mill as a giant killer creature film can be in terms of plot, yes, but Van Der Beek and Castillo are good leads. It helps that they’re playing intelligent characters. The filmmakers wisely keep the creature mayhem to a minimum (mostly the occasional tentacle reaching out of the waters to grab someone) because these low budget films never seem to have convincing CG effects.” DVD Talk

“The script, generally dogged in its effort to follow its brief of aping Jaws completely, salts in a few minimally clever lines or ideas here and there, but almost seems ashamed to be challenging the form in even this insignificant way! The paucity of incident and the absence of affrights are bad, but the total lack of beak-snapping is unforgivable!” Ha ha, it’s Burl!

“No one’s reinventing the wheel here, but the oceanographer has some credible conflicts with his bosses over the alleged sighting of the squid and Katrina has a deeper conflict than her referee-role: at age seven she saw the squid kill her father, but no one believed her. Van Der Beek and Alexandra Castillo bring a strong sense of conviction to these basic roles…” Naturalistic! Uncanny! Marvelous!

” …there’s no denying that the film does suffer from a fairly saggy midsection – as screenwriter Mark Mullin plays up the conflict between the film’s feuding native and white communities […] Yates does a nice job of infusing the third act with precisely the sort of action and suspense that one might’ve expected from such a premise…” Reel Film Reviews

“It has moments, and doesn’t suck like most of these films tend to, but I’m not recommending it unless you absolutely have to see every James Van Der Beek movie ever made. There just isn’t nearly enough monster footage to sell this, it’s a big flaw. Anyway, for a giant squid movie, you could do a lot worse but that’s hardly an endorsement.” Shameless Self Expression

Cast and characters:

James Van Der Beek … Dan Leland
Alexandra Castillo … Officer Katrina Tomas
Arne MacPherson … Gunnar Thorson
Ryan Rajendra Black … Will Neepanak (as Ryan Black)
Brian Edward Roach … Robbie MacGregor (as Brian Roach)
Larissa Tobacco … Krissy Neepenak
Kyra Harper … Mother Tomas
Kelly Wolfman … Jen Thorson
Ryland Thiessen … James Connor
Sharon Bajer … Mrs Connor
Rick Skene … Mr Connor
Brooke Palsson … Larissa Connor
Blake Taylor … Old Salt
Erik Fjeldsted … Jordy
Stephen Eric McIntyre … Spider

Filming locations:

Gimli, Selkirk and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Fun facts:

In common with Jaws, the first victim of the creature is named “Krissy”.


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