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‘That thing is my son!’

Lizard Boy is a 2011 American science-fiction comedic horror film about a geneticist who creates a son by combining reptilian and human DNA. He soon discovers fatherhood is an extraordinary challenge when his scaly surrogate son has anger management issues.

Directed by Paul Della Pelle from a screenplay co-written with Bruce Brown, the movie stars Pete Punito, Damon Gregory, Steven Zeigler, Mark Strano and Rachel Riley.


“I suppose it was inevitable that someone would make a Zaat or Hideous Sun Demon remake and this is close to it. The film doesn’t know whether or not it’s supposed to be a parody – there’s some intentional jokes, the mask and tail make-up are silly, the fight choreography is minimalist and the acting, cinematography, editing and directing are… acceptable for this level of film making.” Down Among the Z Movies

” …this is tacky stuff – but what helps the film is its sense of humor. I wouldn’t describe it as laugh (or chuckle) out loud funny, but there are some amusing bits thrown in throughout. For instance, one scene has the Lizard Boy at home with Doctor Conti and company watching a cable mixed martial arts fight when he rips the arm off of one of the men.” DVD Talk

“There are some attempts at humor that work and should get a snicker or two, and the blood letting is pretty decent. There are some CG effects here and there, and those are pretty bad. The acting is up and down, with some being more comfortable reciting lines than others, but there’s no standout here.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

“The FX are pretty terrible but they have a certain charm about them. I particularly liked the low-tech tail on the lizard boy. The gore is decent too as we get some arm biting, decapitation, and a couple of juicy neck bites. After a promising start, Lizard Boy slowly falls apart after a while.” The Video Vacuum

Lizard Boy never takes itself serious, sure there’s plenty of action and even some gore but the film is a comedy at heart. I found the film to be very funny at times and thought it was an original take on the genre. The whole idea of the lizard boy sets up some hilarious situations. If you go into the film with an open mind then I think you will have as much fun as I did watching it.” Video Views

Cast and characters:

Pete Punito … Gino
Damon Gregory … Hoffmeyer
Steven Zeigler … Carlo
Mark Strano … Frankie Rizzoli
Rachel Riley … Julie
Miranda Allgood … Rachel
Bruce Brown … Sheriff Johnson
Domiziano Arcangeli … Mendoza
John Dicus … Crotchett
Ryan Gray … Jenkins
Marcia Loring … Aunt Rosie
Serena Lorien … Margaret Pennylily
Patrick Ayotte … Wilkins
Cynthia Bennett … Midwife
Justin Bonaccorso … Deputy Bobby Thomas

Filming locations:

San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Technical details:

98 minutes

Full film free to watch online:

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