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Ten Minutes to Midnight will be released on disc in North America by Danse Macabre/MVD with a DVD street date of June 22nd and a Blu-ray street date of July 20th. Both discs come with an abundance of bonus materials including a Behind the Scenes featurette, Audio Commentaries and interviews with cast and crew.

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‘Something is happening at WLST Radio…’

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a 2020 American horror film about a late-night radio host who is increasingly creeped out by her new replacement.

Directed by Erik Bloomquist (Long Lost; shorts: She Came from the Woods; Ghost Tour; Midnight Brew) from a screenplay co-written with Carson Bloomquist, the Mainframe Pictures production stars Caroline Williams (Blind; Bloody Ballet; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Nicole Kang (Swallow), William Youmans, Nicholas Tucci (The Ranger; Long Lost; You’re Next) and Adam Weppler (Long Lost; Alien Warfare).


On the eve of forced retirement, a violent hurricane traps veteran late-night radio host Amy Marlowe (Caroline Williams) and her uneasy staff at WLST while her mysterious new replacement (Nicole Kang) shadows her every move…

[May contain spoilers]

“Instead of being a gory and visceral spectacle, it is a character-driven meditation on time and reality. There is more going on here than just scares, blood, and guts. This is a tale that has something it wants to say. Most importantly, it is also a fun horror movie that will delight genre fans.” AIPT

“You go in expecting a regurgitated take on From Dusk Till Dawn or maybe even Pontypool, but you wind up with something that has much deeper roots as far as inspiration. Think time-honored, dark classics like Carnival of Souls and The Twilight Zone. In other words, you’d do well not to pass on Ten Minutes to Midnight.” All Horror

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a film which starts out as one thing but continually morphs into something unexpected and new. Whilst this evolution keep interest high throughout it also leads to a rather fractured experience. Bloomquist has created a movie which is difficult to pin down. One which is both rewarding and frustrating, in equal measure.” All Horror

“While it may feel for the most part like a virus-themed movie, Ten Minutes strays into David Lynch territory in its final third with some trippy sequences which are spellbinding but also bizarre […] Ten Minutes to Midnight does not waste a frame of its 73 minutes running time, making it a fun watch for genre fans.” Bloody Flicks

” …Ten Minutes to Midnight is an audaciously campy frolic paced like a manic bat-out-of-hell. Over the top? Bloomquist has the cast (and the dialogue) going into the stratosphere. From the two things can be true department: Ten Minutes to Midnight is both a whole lotta fun and annoyingly sexist. C’mon guys. Do better.” Chicago Reader

“One stand out moment sees Amy on the phone to one of the last callers of her show and it’s here that Williams shows she knows how to act. The tears, the emotion, the delivery. All of it is perfect. Ten Minutes to Midnight really is worth a watch. It has the dumb gore moments every horror flick needs, but also features a compelling storyline about growing old carried by a stellar Caroline Williams.” Clapper

“Caroline Williams really does make the movie worthwhile. I also admire how director Erik Bloomquist does a lot with a little. Ten Minutes to Midnight is a pared-down production with just five characters and one tight location. But Bloomquist packs a generous amount of intensive character drama into a tidy 70 minutes.” Culture Crypt

“The real attraction of Ten Minutes to Midnight is to see how the characters go off the rails when they’re stuck inside the radio station with someone who’s turning into a vampire. If people want to see an entirely serious and grim horror movie, Ten Minutes to Midnight is not that film. There’s enough offbeat hilarity in the movie that will bring some laughs with the expected chills.” Culture Mix

Ten Minutes to Midnight is more Carnival of Souls and The Twilight Zone than Near Dark and From Dusk Till Dawn, and that might throw you off if you’re expecting something along the lines of fellow radio station horror film Pontypool. But if you’re able to tune into its psychological signal, the latest film from Erik Bloomquist is a scary good contemplation of life, death, and the gray area in between…” Daily Dead

“Different meanings can be easily reached as Amy’s spiralling is presented in such a dream-like way. However, whatever you take away from the film, one thing is certain, underneath the blood-splatter is a brutally raw film that crawls between subjective and objective to create a memorable experience like no other.” Dead Northern

“Amy’s real power lies in her way with words, not in what she can do with teeth and claws, fun though that may be for the special effects team. There are some entertaining gore effects nonetheless, and Bloomquist gives some of the violent scenes a powerful sensuality which hints at the rest of what Amy has been repressing […] For men who complain about rabid feminists, this film delivers some salutary perspective.” Eye for Film

“Any horror fan looking to add a new movie to their marathons would do well to consider this one for the rotation. Ten Minutes to Midnight, like Bloomquist’s debut feature Long Lost, has so much more going on than just being an engaging genre story. Beneath the blood and teeth are timely issues about the difficulties women face in the entertainment industry.” Father Son Holy Gore

“Between all the laughs and scares is a dramatic portrait of a woman callously tossed aside for something new, despite all she gave to her career. This mindful story, along with the wonderfully goofy script, over-the-top directing, and pitch-perfect acting, all meld for one manic ride worth getting on.” Film Threat

” …for those who appreciate strange, bizarre, over the top horror experiences, Ten Minutes To Midnight is one to consider watching this Halloween season. It’s a fascinating journey through the mental angst of its lead character’s crisis and the horror house of terror that it instigates. The night might not be ideal for Amy, but it stands to be a wicked good time for audiences.” For Reel

“The ambiguity of the narrative may leave some viewers put-off. Does Amy have rabies? Was she bitten by a vampire? Is something else going on? The uncertainty can be frustrating, but others will find it engaging. If you prioritize character over plot, this is a movie to sink your teeth into (sorry, couldn’t resist). I say give Ten Minutes to Midnight a watch, then give it another watch.” Gayly Dreadful

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a rollicking roller coaster ride, with Erik Bloomquist nicely balancing the seriousness of the sexual politics at play with horror sequences that are thrilling and sometimes amusing. With a current eye on hot-button social issues and a bit of a throwback feel to the scare-fare proceedings, Ten Minutes to Midnight is well worth a watch.” Horror Fuel

” …Ten Minutes to Midnight absolutely belongs at outdoor theatres. The film definitely resembles grindhouse flicks with the gross-out scenes but has a fair amount of heart as well. Strong screams, cheeky supporting characters, and a few surprises bring several levels of entertainment.” Killer Horror Critic

“The last twenty minutes goes completely off the rails in the best possible way. When the credits roll, you may not have all the answers to what was real and what was in Amy’s head, but you will have had a fun time […] It is a classic story told from a unique perspective using old school techniques. I did not know much about this tale going into it but I came out of it with a smile on my face, along with a bit of head-scratching.” We Live Entertainment

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a film that offers so much to its horror audience. It’s great-looking, briskly-paced, ooey and gooey, and delightfully screwed up. Caroline Williams and her co-actors give everything they’ve got, and we lap it up with glee and enthusiasm. It succeeds because–above all those incredibly bonkers elements–it’s just an enjoyable, well-made movie.” Without Your Head

Cast and characters:

Caroline Williams … Amy Marlowe
Nicole Kang … Sienna Walker
William Youmans … Robert
Nicholas Tucci … Ernie
Adam Weppler … Aaron
Alice Kremelberg … Young Amy
Greg Balla … Young Robert
Martin Sola … Morning Producer
Cory Asinofsky … Caller 1
Natalie Brown … Caller 2
Madeleine Dauer … Weather Reporter
Jeffrey Fryer … Caller 3
Andrew Mote … Office Worker
Bill Salvatore … Excited Spook

Technical details:

73 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1


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