HAPPY LITTLE BUNNIES (2021) Reviews and overview of dark comedy horror


‘The road to happiness is murder’

Happy Little Bunnies is a 2021 British dark comedy horror film revolving around a disturbed young man’s twisted therapy session. Meanwhile, a psychotic, bunny-masked serial killer is on the prowl, carving up local deviants.

Written and directed by Patrick McConnell (How Not to Work & Claim Benefits: (and Other Useful Information for Wasters)), the Rotten Park Productions movie stars Jon-Scott Clark, Simon Manley, Sophie Toland and Adrian Palmer.


Happy Little Bunnies is a bleak watch, that’s for sure; in its combination of wretchedness, frank dialogue and sly humour, it brought to mind a home counties version of the films of master miserablist Jörg Buttgereit and, in its economy of nastiness, Michael Fausti’s recent Exit […] excels in atmosphere, with a low budget that keeps things spare but nasty.” Dark Eyes of London


Happy Little Bunnies is not for everyone, as its dangling subplots are a bit more confusing than amusing, and as so much of it is two people sitting at a table, it does not always feel cinematic. But, the cast is great, the dialogue is funny and naturalistic, and the escalating tension is palpable. The movie is tons of fun, despite its issues.” Film Threat

“McConnell’s theatre background is evident in this independent slasher slash black comedy drama, which is essentially one long conversation with breaks for the bunnyman (not that one) to slice up a few sleazeballs. Not very cinematic, but the few set-pieces that there are […] should stick with viewers for a while.” Starburst

Cast and characters:

Jon-Scott Clark … John
Simon Manley … Carl
Sophie Toland … Leanne
Adrian Palmer … Father
Lynne Payne … Boo Bourgignon
Dean Leon Finlan … Gary
Llewy Hammersley … Mike
Tom Vickerstaff … Young Carl
Tilly Henson-Beaty … Midget
Stuart Horobin … Geoff
Nathan Morris … Marc
James Nicholas … Trevor
Justine Marriott … Carol
Jacqueline Redgewell … Doris
Mathilda Gottschald … Sue

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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