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Dragon Knight is a British dark fantasy film about a lone knight who must embark on a perilous quest to find the last dragon. In doing so, he hopes to save the kingdom of Agonos from a malevolent force.

Directed and edited by Lawrie Brewster (The Black GlovesFor We Are ManyThe Unkindness of RavensLord of Tears) from a screenplay written by regular co-writer Sarah Daly.

The Hex Studios production stars Joanne Garnet, Emily Louise Knutsson, Megan Tremethick, Michael Daviot, Ryan Livingstone, Regan Walker and Jock Ferguson.

Many years after the war has been lost, and all the dragons are slain, a lone knight travels the lands of Agonos seeking to raise an army against the demon Lord Abaddon. But the kings of men are fearful, happier to suffer under Abaddon’s rule than risk rising up against him, and so far, the knight’s quest has proved fruitless.

There is hope, however, when a healer’s vision reveals that one dragon still lives. Together with an eager young squire and a reformed assassin of Abaddon, the knight sets off in search of the fabled creature. As the armies of Abaddon descend on the human kingdoms, the dragon is their last hope of fending off the horde, before it lays waste to the lands of men. But does the dragon even exist? And if it does, will it fight for them once more?


Dragon Knight and its creators have to be credited for the ambition they have shown here and they have pulled off plenty of it. Low budget fantasy movies are usually full of dodgy CGI but this film avoids that and is all the better for it, concentrating more on its characters and style. The director and writing duo continue to impress.” 3/5 Nerdly

” …a reasonably entertaining bit of medieval mayhem. The plot really isn’t anything new and there’s still entirely too much wandering around in the woods. But there are more fights with more people involved than usual to keep it from dragging. When the dragon final does make its appearance the CGI, while not great, is much better than in the likes of Dragon Fury.” 3/5 Voices from the Balcony

According to director/producer Lawrie Brewster: “Dragon Knight takes inspiration from the fantasy films of the 70s and 80s, and classic fantasy literature, like the Conan the Barbarian series of books, and John Boorman’s Excalibur. We want to capture the sense of wonder and awe that fantasy can bring, with a story that is totally original but feels timeless. And, like all our projects, the film will have a dark edge, so we’re not straying too far from our horror roots!”

Writer Sarah Daly said of the project: “Fantasy, like horror, offers a great opportunity to mirror the world we live in. Through the prism of genre, you can explore real-world issues with a degree of separation that can let us see them more objectively. Dragon Knight will have everything you expect from a fantasy film: dragons, heroes, epic battles, but it also has something to say, and should feel relevant to the strange times we live in.”

Release date:
Dragon Knight was released on DVD in the UK by High Fliers Films on March 28, 2022.

Previously, Hex Studios team launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help finance the film’s post-production by making a host of exclusive rewards available to backers, including special editions of the movie, Kickstarter-exclusive t-shirts, and 28mm miniatures of the film’s cast and creatures.

Cast and characters:
Erich Redman … Saskaks (voice)
Megan Tremethick … Jigme
Lawrie Brewster … Arlo
Briony Monroe … Lauris
Joanne Garnet … Everen
Michael Daviot … Highfather Albens
Andrew Gourlay … Prince Torsten
Emily Louise Knutsson … Spectral Woman
Gordon Millar … Jamoch
Thomas Handling … King’s Guard
Stephen Kerr … Despair Demon
Kate Stone … Faceless Warrior
Oluf Marshall … King’s Guard
Kirsty Vance … Majella
Jock Ferguson … King Thollin
Vivienne Pettitt … Cethlenn (voice)
Greg Stewart … Tavern Patron
Gavin Hugh … King’s Guard
Helena MacGilp … Cethlenn
Rafal Wszebor Wawrzynek … King’s Guard
Ryan Livingstone … Braedyn
Neil Cooper … Tavern Patron
Jules Wallace … King’s Guard
Jonathan Brown … Faceless Warrior
Mark Coyle … King’s Guard
Jordan Monks … Jigme’s Father
Ross Campbell … Faceless Warrior
Guy Ramsay … King’s Guard
Craig J. Seath … Landy
Regan Walker … Edwin

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