CRACK HOUSE OF THE DEAD (2021) Reviews with trailer

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Crack House of the Dead is a 2021 American horror film in which an undercover drug deal goes wrong forcing those involved to seek refuge. As it’s the dawn of a zombie outbreak, the cop, the dealer, and other urban misfits have to hide out in the last safe place in the city… a crack house!

Written, directed by and co-starring Jason Toler (Half Moon), the Sunrayz Films production also stars Steve Crest, Levi Bowling and John Davis Walker.


“The production values are borderline hand-held camcorder and the make-up effects of the zombies are very basic indeed. The film is slated as grindhouse or exploitation in tone, which it is to a degree, but what the director has clearly gone for is working within his means and using a whole host of innovation and ingenuity. His editing cuts and themes is what happens when you have no budget whatsoever, but just make it work.” Bloody Flicks

“Toler obviously has some type of understanding of the kind of movie he is making; a sleazy, gory, schlocky, grindhouse-style, exploitation movie. But in an interview, he mentions that the movie is playing it straight and serious. And that does indeed make sense for the police detective character that he is playing in the film. But everyone else in the movie seems to be playing it for campy laughs…” Celluloid Heroes

Cast and characters:

Steve Crest … Officer Brady
Jason Toler … Detective Turner
Levi Bowling … Christopher ‘Sniper’
John Davis Walker … Mailman
Katarina Law … Mama Zombie
Tiffany Starr … Karren the hooker
Brian K. Millard … Zombie
Laurie Lashley … Monica Rivera
Marcus Hanftaler … Zombie
Curtis Lowe … The Crackhead


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