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‘There’s something more dangerous prowling the street’s tonight!’

Half Moon is a 2009 American horror film about a struggling prostitute who hooks up with a troubled man she soon suspects is a serial killer. However, it turns out that he is a werewolf!


Written and directed by Jason Toler (Crack House of the Dead) the Sunrayz International Films-T-Real Entertainment production stars Tori Black (L.A. Slasher), Marek Matousek, Torey D. Sutton (Vamps in the City) and Nicki Hunter.

[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

” …Tori Black gives an uninspired and flat performance that never comes close to ever being convincing […] The film’s male protagonist Jacob is a well-rounded performance and this film’s only redeemable asset. When all is said and done. Half Moon is a melodrama that tries desperately to disguise itself as a horror film.” 10K Bullets

“The few effects are okay, except for the werewolf transformation, which looks to be entirely CG and is laughably bad. The werewolf suit (for so it appears) is pretty good but is only seen on screen for a minute or so. In short, the film lacks tension, action, humor or scares. It has lots of talking, but not very interesting talking.” DVD Talk


Half Moon is a sluggish, dialogue-heavy film that features decent performances, little horror, gore, or suspense, a predictable ending that ultimately feels rushed, and a squandered opportunity to focus on the more interesting plot points. Werewolf (and hardcore porn) lovers will undoubtedly be left disappointed.” Horror DNA


“[Tori Black is] actually pretty good and is quite believable in her role […] I’m sure that some viewers might be put off due to the fact that Half Moon is slow, dialogue-laden and most of it takes place in one room with two characters. And there is very little werewolf action and there is only some very brief gore (practical make-up fx).” Independent Flicks


“You could hear coughing in the background, really bad editing and the performances by Tori Black and the wolf guy in the flick seemed to not even be performed together (all somehow compiled seamlessly in post). Add in a ridiculous bad wolf special effects and you’ve gotten one shitty flick.” The Jaded Viewer


“There is a surprisingly convincing full-body werewolf effect that appears at the end, although this is slightly undone by a cheap morphing effect to represent the transformation […] The two principal characters are well-conceived and the two actors do a good job in playing them. Particularly good is Marek Matousek, a previous unknown who plays the part with a courteous charm and likeability.” Moria


“With the exception of a rather dodgy CGI transformation effect during the film’s lone werewolf sequence, the production as a whole is crafted well, as it’s obvious that Toler makes the most out of a limited budget […] Talkative films work when the characters have something interesting to say, but that’s not the case here.” Oh, the Horror!


“This film is primarily dialogue-driven and sets a nice steady pace with a bit of exposition but moves nice and even.  This is actually little to no gore and the love scene’s nudity is light as well […] A simple story of a cursed man meeting a lost girl and therein lies a moment of connections of both heart and body.” Rotten Reelz



Breaking Glass Pictures released Half Moon on DVD in March 2011. The movie is now available to watch free on Amazon Prime in the UK and USA.

Cast and characters:

Tori Black … Rose
Marek Matousek … Jacob
Torey D. Sutton … Kevin
Nicki Hunter … Tammy
Steve Crest … Cop (as Jack Lawrence)
Shawna Lenee … Dead Hooker (as Shawna Lenne)
Jay Ashley … Serial Killer
Candice Nicole … Hooker 1 in Motel Room
Joana Amy … Hooker 2 in Motel Room
Zander Kane … John in the Car
Phil Latio … Guy in Hotel
Robert Jones … Homeless Man

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

Technical details:

86 minutes
Aspect ratio: 4×3


$100,000 (estimated)

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