AN INTRUSION (2021) Preview of home invasion thriller



‘They are already inside’

An Intrusion is a 2021 American home invasion thriller film about a family with a dark secret that is terrorised by a malicious stalker.

Written and directed by Nicholas Holland, the SLK Media Group/Diamond Dead Media/Laugh Cry Productions movie stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Keir Gilchrist, Billy Boyd and Dustin Prince.


Sam and his family are terrorised by a malicious stalker. However, as an investigation develops, he fears the attacks may be related to secrets he has violently kept from his family and detectives…



“The biggest obstacle I had with An Intrusion was that Sam was the central character the film followed around. It was quickly established he was more than a bit of a jerk, and I was also put off with how easily he was able to lie and hide his actions from all around him […] The way the story plays out eventually explains away this deficit to his character in a way that was very interesting.” The Rotting Zombie

“When we finally find out what’s behind An Intrusion’s violence I can only echo Sam’s words “That’s what this is about?” And what he did was terrible, but it’s pulled out of nowhere at the last minute and means nothing to the viewer or the plot. You could replace it with any other transgression and nothing would change. A film like this needs a mystery to make it interesting…” Voices from the Balcony


In the USA, An Intrusion will be released theatrically and On-Demand and Digital on November 26th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Scout Taylor-Compton … Savannah Simpson
Keir Gilchrist … Layne
Billy Boyd … Minister Fairfield
Dustin Prince … Sam Hodges
Erika Hoveland … Joyce Hodges
Angelina Danielle Cama … Rebecca Hodges
Sam Logan Khaleghi … Chris
Michael Emery … Devin
Jaime Zevallos … Detective Castillo
Kayla Kelly … Julia Hilt
Allison Megroet … Mel
Madison Merlanti … Terri
Jerry Narsh … Detective Marsh
Kayden Bryce … Margaret
Dan Stolarski … Cory
Jordan Kantola … Mason
Rose Anne Nepa … Terri’s Mother

Filming location:



Initial source: Bloody Disgusting

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